Why do I still need to believe if ..

Grass Roots Spirituality

Our simple seeker was meditating on the Kabbalah Tree of Life and on its many
unique and self-serving but, at the same time intrinsically connected and
mutually dependent upon all other energies that comprised the tree, and how
they co-create and ever-higher quality of consciousness to the benefit of all
and to the one that they each are a part of.

It reminded her of the human body and its many interconnecting and mutually
supportive networks of nerves, arteries, veins, lymph system, digestive tract,
respiratory system, and elimination system, which was designed with built-in
recycling throughout its length, so as to reabsorb all that could be directed
to useful ends.

She had done primary studies in physiology in preparation for one of her many
would-be lifetime careers that never seemed to manifest, but almost did; just
one more anti-climax in her life dedicated to a search for stability.

There is none.

Then why do I still need to believe ..


That some life work is waiting for me.

How many failures does it take?

I don’t know.

You could ask me.

But, how would I know that what you told me was so?, at least
for me, even if it applied to everyone else?


In what or whom?

In yourself to know what is so for you, at least while it is.


A common root

Grass Roots Spiritual Philosophy

Our simple seeker was meditating on her Spirit Teacher’s
explanation of their relationship.

He didn’t need physical existence or human form, He told her.


I use you as ballast, to connect to your particular world
of illusion.

If my world is one of illusion, and I can, reluctantly,
accept that it is, for it often seems to be, then, others,
or at least some others must also be living in a personal
world of illusion.

Are they each separate from each other, she asked Him,
trying not to move her lips or form any sound, as He had
taught her. This required focus and concentration, if they
are not one and the same.

Yes, the soundless answer moved into her mind as her inkless
communicating pen moved in unison across the page. We each
seem to intuitively know that our so-called individual world
is intricately connected to everyone else’s world, even though
surface appearances deny this reality.

Only on the surface do our individual worlds of illusion
appear to be separate. Beneath this illusion there is
a common root that holds us all together, that connects us
inextricably together, as one.

There is no end

Georgia stared at the screen, almost in disbelief. The photo contents of her camera were now in her computer’s Library Pictures file. She had pretended that she knew what she was doing and it worked, this time. Would she ever be able to do it again? She didn’t know or even very much care. For now, she had done it. More than seven hundred …

Seven hundred what?

You know very well. But, I did it. I finally did it. I struggled and struggled. Then I read Dummy books and struggled again, so distressed with myself for not being able to transfer what I thought I had learned into practical application.

Surely that’s the test of learning. If you cannot apply it then you have not learned it.

But, now I have.

The average ten year old could do what you make such a big deal out of doing.

But, I’m not one of their generation. They’ve almost been born into Computer technological skills.

So, where do you go from here?

I need to sort them all into groups.


By dates and by family, friends, scenery, events, etc. It’s going to take time but I’ll do it.

So, completing one challenge has presented you with another?

Yes, but now I’m more confident. I have developed skills and now …

The symbolism of The Tree of Life and that of The Ladder of Light is like that.

In what way?

There is no end to our mental or emotional growth.

Kabbalah, Taoism, and Education today

What do Kabbalah and Taoism have in common with today’s
Educational system?

A transmission of knowledge.

Knowledge of what?

Wow! You expect me to explain that?

Yes, and explain it in a simple and clear way\style.



Well, the Kabbalah Tree of Life, to my limited understanding,
represents seeking ever higher levels of integration and
transformation of an individual’s intellectual and emotional

A basic understanding. Now, Taoism.

Lao Tzu explained the core structure of all life as Tao,
the One that divides itself into two and then the two
together create the three, and from the three come the
ten thousand things, meaning everything else.

How are these two systems of thought similar, and how

Wow! You didn’t prepare me for this.

I prepared you very well, all things considered.
Carry on.

Wow! Taoism encourages simplification of one’s lifestyle,
as if moving from clutter to a sense of oneness with Life.

And Kabbalah?

From my very limited understanding, the symbolic message
is one of awareness of the Absolute that is boundless,
and of our capacity and destiny to seek to develop and
express ever higher levels of thought, emotion, wisdom,
understanding, and creativity as a reflection of the
qualities of God.

Acceptable, for now. And, finally, how are children being
educated today?



Mysticism vs Mist

A certain simple seeker could not yet let go of the mystical
insights of Kabbalah symbols such as The Tree of Life
transforming ..

No. It represents human consciousness continuously
transforming and transcending itself.

And blending into higher and higher, or deeper and
deeper integration and harmonization ..

Is there such a word?

You interrupted an intensive insight developing.

You were about to lose it.

How do you know?

Your so-called understanding of mysticism was
evaporating into mist.

What’s wrong with mist?

The mist of false understanding is as a curtain that
prevents one from clear vision.

When we are not yet ready

Georgia clasped her head between her hands to clear it from
the overwhelming visions that Spirit seemed to be flooding
her mind with. She needed a cup of warm water, just to hold onto.

The concept of herself and everyone else as being a Kabbalah-like
Tree of Life moving up a limitless Ladder of Light, with ever-
merging trees representing and reflecting the Universal Triad of
Power, Wisdom, and Understand, and these three energy centres
merging together as Love and Compassion reaching down to everyone
reaching up, and everyone was/is reaching up to receive, whether
or not they were/are consciously aware of this pressure gradient type
of two-way energy flow.

Wow! It’s just too much for me to deal with.

Then, don’t.

What does that mean?

We see what we have to see.

No. We have to block out what we are not yet ready to deal with.

Yes, even knowing that someday …

An Open Line to Higher Help

A simple seeker tried to clear her simple mind.

If it’s that simple, then what is the problem?

You seem intent on interrupting my thinking about
not thinking.

Did I win, again?

Yes. I forget what it was that I was trying to

Then we both win.

It’s not as simple as that.

What is the problem?

I’m supposed to let go of thinking on my own.

Who told you that nonsense?

Why would it be nonsense?

Because, it is impossible.


When you or anyone sincerely meditates,
then your sincerity attracts, as if
it had put in a call to, Higher Help.

We each have an open line to Higher Help?

Yes. It is a Law of Life.

Only people?

Our simple thinker was trying to visualize the different
stages of personal spiritual development; transcendence, and integration of the capacity and potential of the human attributes of thought, emotion, justice, and mercy, as symbolized on both the Kabbalah Tree of Life and Ladder of Light.

She was also deeply puzzled by the feeling that Spirit
seemed to encourage her struggle without …

Without what?

You don’t seem to think that I will ever fully understand.

Understand what?


What would understanding life look like?

Total awareness.

Of what?

Of why people are, or seem to be, the way they are or seem to be.

Only people?

They Each Reach for the other

A simple seeker was experiencing images floating through her mind
as her Spirit teacher explained to her the deep meaning behind
the top triad of sephiroth, or energy centres, of he Kabbalah
Tree of Life.

Then she remembered that Lao Tzu had also spoken of the Tao
using similar language. It made her feel just a little clever
at connecting the two mystical traditions.

The one Tao becomes two and then the two becomes three, and
from three come the ten thousand things, or everything else.


It sounds like a business tycoon thinking of possible future profits.

It’s about creation.

Of what?

Life, and a way of life.

It sounds so mysterious, and why does this trickle-down effect
come from the top when our personal development begins at the

They each reach for the other.

Everyone Should Know That?

Wow! Wisdom and understanding blended together to express
the power of Love, a holy trinity.

Our simple seeker was meditating on the meaning and special
significance of the top triad of sephirah (energy centres)
on the Kabbalah Tree of Life.

It’s all about Life, her spirit teacher told her, in a manner
so cool and matter-of-fact that seemed to suggest that
everyone should know that.

But, the problem, or one of them, was that she wasn’t
everyone. She was a self-confessed slow learner, and yet she
very much needed to understand …


No, not everything, just everything that I need to.


How can I develop understanding about …

About whatever you don’t now understand?

Only in areas of personal interest.

How is that possible if you do not learn or study in
areas you may be interested in, if you knew?

I’m lost.