He’s winning again

Georgia woke suddenly from a deep sleep. She didn’t remember dreaming or hearing a sudden noise, or feeling … But, she must have felt something. Nobody awakens that abruptly without a cause – but what?

She listened to the almost soundless sounds of the night and looked intently around her, into the darkness, or semi-darkness, for her eyes were beginning to adjust to the lack of light. Nothing was moving in her room except what?

She felt an energy, a soundless, formless, intelligent energy, or almost soundless and formless, as soft breeze against her skin. Except that, this energy didn’t seem to adhere to the rules of boundaries of her body. She felt it move around and through her, as if she wasn’t there, or here. And yet, it had power to control her movements and even thinking, at will, if it willed to. But, somehow, it seemed to be more interested in making her aware of this power, with no arm intended. But, why?

Georgia needed a cup of water. She kept a thermos carafe on her kitchen table, to help her measure her daily intake. She was still shaken up by her experience but made her way, slowly, so as not to bump into anything in the dark. Why did she not turn on any lights? It wasn’t light she needed; it was the sense of security, stability, and comfort that holding a warm cup in her hands provided her with.

Once she was more or less awake, and relaxed in her comfortable recliner, she soundlessly asked her spirit teacher what was so important that he would wake her up in the wee small hours of the morning.
Why did she bother to even ask him? He seemed to find this an ideal time to teach, or at least to try to teach her how to develop an ever-expanded awareness of the simplicity of Life.

Simplicity, he kept repeating, did not mean simple as in easy, or being without interconnectedness within itself.

Why did he keep waking her up to tell her this? He must know, she thought, that I don’t function mentally or physically while the rest of the world gets to sleep.

He responded to her thoughts, reminding her that, perhaps half of the world’s population are wide awake.

It isn’t night where they are, she silently replied. Then she smiled at the nonsensical possibility that they don’t know that it’s night, as if thinking could make anything so or not so.

Spirit sent a warm, vibrating energy drifting around her, that she immediately understood as a smile of approval, possibly of himself as much as of her.

“Even silly thoughts can be more or less original”.

“How could thoughts be more than original?”

“Stop. He’s winning, again. I’m questioning thoughts.”

A Lab Rat or Guinea Pig

Georgia Weston was a simple but sincere seeker of a higher level of personal spiritual development. How she came under the influence of a Spirit Guru was beyond her understanding. She was, however, very aware of an inner energy, an intelligent, high vibration energy that seemed to challenge her to explore a depth of understanding beyond her ability, so very far beyond, and yet she seemed to need to pretend that she possessed the potential to learn whatever this higher intelligence could teach her. Humility was not one of her personality attributes. Neither was acceptance of defeat.

A more realistic aspect of Georgia’s mind almost sneered at her attempt, suggesting that she just confess that she was over her head, beyond her depth.

Her Spirit Guru was obviously aware of her intellectual limitations, so why does He even bother with her, she asked herself Had he been assigned to attempt to raise her level of spiritual understanding as a test of His own teaching ability? Or, was Georgia something akin to a lab rat or guinea pig?

Perhaps her Spirit Guru, for she had begun to refer to Him as such, was using her to teach a class of spirit students, who themselves aspired to one day be able to serve Life by raising mankind, one person at a time, to higher levels of compassion and love.

If so, were said students of Spirit quietly watching, without interrupting? Or, were they, if they existed at all, part of an interactive research project designed to learn how to raise the level of human consciousness, from the ground up?

Georgia’s personal life experiences had taught her that very many people seemed to need to learn that they could develop a healthier and happier life by attending to basic activities of daily living with intent that they contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

Another thought came to the mind of our simple seeker. Was she only one of many subjects that higher energies might be using to jump-start a more expanded program of direct involvement of spirit energies with human, and possibly other physical creatures?

A sobering thought stopped her speculations. Would she wish others to share her struggle to defend her uniqueness, such as it was, with an invisible (to her), possibly self-appointed teacher who seemed to expect from her much more than she was capable of learning? The stress might be more than many could deal with. It was more than she could deal with. She accepted that it might be only a matter of time before her own mind shattered under the relentless pressure to expand.

The Power of Attraction

Georgia planned to impress her Spirit Guru with evidence of her advanced (or, so she thought)
views on the power of attraction. After all, she had read much about this so-called Universal Law.

He interrupted her thoughts, with, Why do you consider the power of attraction as a so-called
Universal Law?

Well, it is, isn’t it?

Of course it is.


It is not a so-called anything. It is reality. But, go on and tell me what you know about it.

What do you mean?

Explain it, if you can.

That’s easy. Like attracts like.

In what way, to what degree, and with what result or results? I might also ask, where?, when?, and
why? Perhaps later.

“Birds of a feather flock together””. They are attracted to each other.

Perhaps there is survival value in their behaviour.

Does there have to be a reason why we are attracted to anyone or anything?

There is always a reason for whatever.

Even attraction?

Attraction plays a basic role in any activity. But, it is never of equal proportions. The lesser
is always attracted more to the more than the more is to the lesser.

Then why do we become attracted to whatever or whomever we do?

Desire, and a sense of personal lack of whatever it is that we are attracted to.

Can’t we just want to hang out with similar people?


It could be lonely …

Yes, we desire to fill a personal need.

What about synergy?

What about it?

Evidence has shown that two horses pulling a load together can pull more than twice the weight of
each pulling alone.

Yes. But, what has that to do with the power of attraction?

Can a Universal Law have power?

Universal Laws have ultimate power

A Simple Seeker Teaches Her Spirit Guru

A simple seeker teaches her spirit guru about life in the world of physical reality.

Georgia Weston had much to learn about life and she knew it, even before she met her Spirit Guru. Could she even claim to have met Him? She certainly didn’t see Him coming, and He wasn’t invited, or was He? If so, then by whom?

No, it was not supposed to be like this. If she could have known what would, or might happen, before it did, and if she… But what’s the point in pondering what might have been? Would it have changed anything? Who knows?

Georgia’s life left much to be desired, at least in the way of emotional, intellectual, and spiritual satisfaction; even physical satisfaction, if she would have allowed herself to focus on that category. She felt a powerful yearning for a sense of meaning, a way of life that would bring fulfillment and understanding of what life was all about and why.

She studied psychology, philosophy, and spiritual teachings from many tradition, and was impressed by each and every source of inspiration. She agreed with all of them, at least to some extend, much to the annoyance of family and friends. They scolded her, claiming that she must choose an exclusive belief system. They just didn’t seem to understand that she did not want any formal and exclusive system of thought. She was seeking an open-ended way of understanding life.

Georgia was getting very discouraged. Whenever she would question, and she seemed to need to question whomever claimed to know anything about how to live a good life and why, or what a good life would look like, she was dismissed as being critical of what she did not understand. That might have been true, if they would only have explained to her what exactly they thought she was critical of. Or, she would be accused of holding on to her ego, which, some would try to convince her, was an obstruction in her path to eternal bliss.

Ego as an obstruction was an insane idea, even to her simple mind. Whatever would I do without an ego? she thought. It was what was driving her search, or so she seemed to believe, at the time. Later she would come to accept that her ego was more of a vehicle that instinctively (or was it on autopilot?) was moving her on her way, her unique way to understanding and living her life in physical reality.