And Still A Long Way To Go

Our simple seeker was reading Alan Seale’s
“Create a World That Works”.

How can that be done?

It is being done.

By whom?

By everyone.

And everything?


How are we doing it?

Simply by being.

Being what?

No what necessary.

What does that mean?

What might it mean?

Is being the same as living?

In what way?



Just as we are.


All of us.


Then, what?

We each of us exist.



Then, what’s wrong with my using “we”?

It suggests one way.

Is there more than one way?

For what?

For each of us to exist.

Yes and no.

Please explain.

We each are as we each are, in a continuous
process of becoming.

Becoming what?

We can never become a what.

Then, becoming whom?

We are now whom we are.

Then, whom are we?

We each are we.




Sharing As Connective Tissue

Our simple seeker was meditating on the thought
of who and whom trading places.

How does it work? What would it look like?

It’s you and me when we interact. I am here
and you are there, but only from my personal
perspective. From your perspective it would
be the reverse.

Why are we separated?

Isn’t that just the way it is?


Then, what?

We are as connected as we each care to be.

As we choose to be?


Then what?

As we each care to be.

What if we don’t or didn’t know each other?

It would still be the same

How can we care to be connected to someone …

To everyone, and everything.


We each are more connected to each other
than anyone is aware of being.

Is that a structural concept of oneness?

Oneness is more than a concept. It is reality.

A structural reality?

No, an essence reality.

And in essence we are all connected?


But not in form?


What connects us?

Love, as expressed in awareness, understanding,
and compassion, and Love’s many other varieties
of connective tissue.

Love’s varieties of connective tissue?

That hold us to each other.

Would they necessarily all be healthy tissues?

Potentially, yes.

But in reality?

Potentiality is real.

Are these connective tissues aware …

Of what?

Of being …

Of being what?

Of being connective tissues?

Between what or whom?

You’re leading me on.


Where are you leading me?

Where might I be leading you?

To an impossible thought.

No thought is impossible.

But, the reality it might express …

It is the only reality.

That the many qualities of love are more real
than I am?