Pain is not Suffering, Unless

A simple seeker is recovering from yet another
fairly minor surgical procedure.

It hurts.


Why do you say, “Yes”, as if my pain was
a blessing?

It is.

A blessing?


How is that possible?

Are your wounds healing?

They seem to be, this time.

How do you know?

The nerves in the area are active.

Do they indicate healing?

I don’t know.

But, they live?


That in itself is a blessing.

Yes, but they hurt.

Are you suffering?

Where are you going with that question?

Where might I be going?

Pain versus suffering?

Yes. We feel pain with physical senses,
while suffering is an emotional response
that can be controlled, if we choose
to control it.

Perhaps my suffering comforts me
in my time of pain.

Is that a healthy situation?



In what sense?

Life enhancing.

Surely rejoicing in pain would suggest
an unhealthy mental attitude.

How so?

I am aware of feeling pain and my awareness
seems to activate self-compassion.

Yes. Go on.

You’re leading me down one of your paths


So, I feel compassion for my suffering
and not for my pain?

Yes, and in the deepening awareness
that it is your suffering that attracts
your compassion, healing gradually
takes place.

My suffering is reduced?

Yes, and more. When your natural
healing energies are released from
their focus on your suffering they are
then able to cope with the source of pain.

Learn to relax and feel the pain
without self-pity?


Are You My Shadow

A simple seeker was deeply engrossed in reading
“The Shadow’s Gift” by Robin Robertson, in which
the author discusses his person experiences with
psychic mediums while maintaining an open mind
as to their authenticity.

What, exactly would an open mind look like, in
this instance?

Neither absolutely believing nor absolutely
disbelieving, but keenly interested in
understanding exactly what was happening.


In terms of the subconscious activity of
or through the channel or medium.

What’s the difference?

Between a channel and a medium?


Perhaps, in essence they’re the same.

Then, why did you mention both?

Are they not the same?


Then, what is the difference.

The difference is one of function.

Please explain.

A medium communicates physical people
with non-physical people.

And a channel?

She serves a non-physical person. or purpose.


Yes, you.

Are you my shadow?

In a way, yes.

What does that mean?

It means that we are each incomplete without
the other.

In what way?

I teach you and you share my teaching with
your blog readers.

There are not that many of them.

There will be.

The Power of One

A simple seeker was meditating on “The Power of One”
as a spiritual directive.

What does the power of one mean?

To me?

Yes, unless you can tell me what it might mean
to anyone else.

The powerful potential of sharing ideas
with even one other person who might be
inspired to share his or her understanding
of the ideas someone shared with him or her.

Yes. Nature works in such a way.


Plants mature alone but then each spreads
seeds that may or may not develop roots,
and if they do then they too, with help
from other forms of nature, spread seeds

A potentially endless expression
of thought.

Or emotion.

Can emotions work as thoughts?

In their potential to affect others; yes.

Then, how we each live …

Go on.

It matters.