Moods of Doubt

A simple seeker had slipped into one of her periodic
moods of doubt regarding her spirit teacher. Did He
even exist beyond her mind? But, what can exist
beyond one’s mind? And yet, He voiceless thoughts
came to her. But, how?

Perhaps if she had something to eat, or did a load
of laundry. Simple activities seemed to help her
focus, or protect her from seeming to need to know
what seemed beyond her possible potential to know.

And, yet, the challenge to understand how she could
hear seemingly voiceless thoughts, other than her
own, gave her no peace of mind.

There has to be a way that thoughts can …


I know, but how does it work?

It doesn’t work at all, in the sense of needing
a physical connection. Do you hear your own
unspoken thoughts?

Yes, but they develop within my mind.

And you think your mind is separate from mine?

People don’t hear other people think.


It isn’t possible, except via body language.

Whenever we claim that something is not possible,
we close the door, not of possibility, but of
our awareness of it.

Is it as intuition?


Then, please explain.

Intention to hear and to be heard.

But, why can you do it and I can’t.

You haven’t practiced.

How can I practice?

By first believing that you could develop
the ability. And then using it.

Then, it is as a skill?

Is hearing as a skill?

Not for me. It seems to be a function of being
human that is declining as I age, as is my

Perhaps your reduced hearing is a blessing
in disguise.

How can it be a blessing?

Without all the distractions of needless sounds
you are more able to listen to me.


A Simple Seeker Connects

A simple but sincere seeker of a higher level of
personal spiritual development somehow came under
the influence of a spirit guru whose understanding
of life seemed to be …

What do you mean by “seemed to be”?

Perhaps I don’t yet know what the limits of my own
understanding of life really are.

How is it possible not to know your own limits?

Perhaps I’ve been socially conditioned to accept less
of myself and my capacity for thought than possibly

Why would that have happened?

Not necessarily through the failure of anyone’s intent
to teach me, unless …

Unless what?

Parents and early educators usually seek to serve the best
interests of the community when teaching children what
to think and how to relate to their world.

Wouldn’t it be in the best interests of the community
for children to be taught as much about life as they
could understand?

Perhaps the natural or conditioned limits of understanding
of parents and early educators in itself restricts what they
can pass on to the younger generation in their care.

Yes, but there is always conscious intent to limit awareness
in the minds of children.

If so, that intentional limitation could have survival value.

For whom, or what, how, and why?

Perhaps it is as food.

In what way?

We feed babies on very soft foods that they can easily
digest and only gradually introduce food that requires
a more developed digestive system.

What has that to do with intentionally limiting a child’s
mental development?

Teachers and parents can only teach what they know …

Or what they believe is safe for the children to know?

How can children be endangered by knowledge?

Perhaps not the children themselves.

Then, whom or what?

Every society that exists can only maintain its present
way of life by gently, or otherwise, enforcing rules
on everyone within that society, including children.

But, societies evolve and transcend over time, as
new ideas and new ways of living become available.

Yes, but as eager as young people, and some others
may be to adapt and change, there is always repression
of adaptation and change by those who might lose
their positions of power within society.

That could be a healthy condition.

How so.

Survival needs of individual societies might depend
upon at least some control by leaders, teachers,
and parents, of the degree and type of change that
seems to be happening.

Yes. There are always reasons for suppression.

Is it necessarily suppression?

What else?

Suppression sounds so deliberate and intentional.

It is.

Could it not just be resistance to change that might
threaten the rules of order of the society in question?

Or the power of those who benefit from the current rules?

That, of course, would always be part of any dynamic
interaction between the past and the desired future.


So, what’s the solution?

To what?

A peaceful transition from what was to what might yet be?

Yes. There is no peaceful way.

Winner takes all?


Parents and early educators serve the best interest

A Map is a Guideline; not a Guide

A simple seeker was meditating on the concept of
intention while attempting to connect and merge
individual human energies with those expressed
on the Kabbalah Tree of Life.

And also, necessarily, on the Ladder of Light.

To be on one Tree …

Not on, but within.

We’re moving beyond form?

We always were beyond form.

Then, what purpose does form serve?

As a map.

Where does intention fit on the map?

Intention is not on the map.

But, if the map is a guide …

A guideline; not a guide.

But, the structure of the map,..

Or Tree, or Ladder?

Yes. Don’t they point a way to travel?


Then, what purpose do they serve?

They represent possibilities.

Potential possibilities from which to choose?

Choose what?

The Path or Way we want to travel, from among
the various possibilities represented on the map?

Yes. We choose the Way we plan to travel.

As we go?


Along our Way.

Which way is our Way?

The way we have chosen to travel.

A pre-determined Way?

Can it be considered to be predetermined
if I am only choosing the next step?


How is that possible?

It is the only way.

How can that be if I see the destination
I wish to reach?

Wishing is not moving.

Then, choosing …

Yes. If we consciously choose the destination
we intend to reach, if we can, then a map
can provide us with a guideline.

But, intention is our guide along the Way?


Sharing As Connective Tissue

Our simple seeker was meditating on the thought
of who and whom trading places.

How does it work? What would it look like?

It’s you and me when we interact. I am here
and you are there, but only from my personal
perspective. From your perspective it would
be the reverse.

Why are we separated?

Isn’t that just the way it is?


Then, what?

We are as connected as we each care to be.

As we choose to be?


Then what?

As we each care to be.

What if we don’t or didn’t know each other?

It would still be the same

How can we care to be connected to someone …

To everyone, and everything.


We each are more connected to each other
than anyone is aware of being.

Is that a structural concept of oneness?

Oneness is more than a concept. It is reality.

A structural reality?

No, an essence reality.

And in essence we are all connected?


But not in form?


What connects us?

Love, as expressed in awareness, understanding,
and compassion, and Love’s many other varieties
of connective tissue.

Love’s varieties of connective tissue?

That hold us to each other.

Would they necessarily all be healthy tissues?

Potentially, yes.

But in reality?

Potentiality is real.

Are these connective tissues aware …

Of what?

Of being …

Of being what?

Of being connective tissues?

Between what or whom?

You’re leading me on.


Where are you leading me?

Where might I be leading you?

To an impossible thought.

No thought is impossible.

But, the reality it might express …

It is the only reality.

That the many qualities of love are more real
than I am?


A Higher Infusion of Energy

Our simple seeker was meditating on the concept of
reverse transcendence.

How did that idea get into your mind?

I don’t know. Perhaps you put it there.

For what purpose?

Perhaps to inform me of the topic of today’s lesson.

How would you explain reverse transcendence?

In traditional yoga practice the mind of the student
and that of her teacher become interconnected.

Where does reverse transcendence fit into such
a situation.

As the student absorbs more and more of her teacher’s
understanding …

Understanding and not wisdom?

Are they not the same?

Yes. Go on.

Then her own wisdom or awareness expands, as she
absorbs some of his.

Does she transcend her own mind?

No. An overlap, as in the process of paradigm shifts,
develops between the student’s mind and that of
her teacher’s.

Duality becomes one?

Not totally.

So, she absorbs his energy without losing her own?

Perhaps our unique energy could never be in danger
of being consumed by another.

It could be weakened or strengthened. Is this
the result of a student attracting and absorbing
her teacher’s energy?

Perhaps neither happens.

Then, what does or might happen?

The student may become increasingly aware of her own
vibrating energy through a more relaxed and trusting
association with his.

Very good. But, where does your concept of reverse
transformation come in?

I’m still vague about it but transcendence suggests
going beyond, and if her Guru’s energy is
strengthening her own then the flow of higher energy
is from without to within – a reverse flow from
the generally accepted view of transcendence
as going beyond, or from within to without.

Does the teacher lose anything in this transfer of

Is there a transfer?


Then the high energy the teacher transmits to his
student would be replaced by an even higher infusion
of energy from His source of enlightenment, as a
pressure gradient system might work.

Is that all?

For now, yes. Did I do well?

For now, yes.

Instinct and Intuition as Yin and Yang

Our simple seeker was meditating on The Ace of Swords,
the Tarot card she had randomly selected to direct
her focus on relationship issues of today.

The Ace of Swords represents the full range of
intellectual capacities and potentials.

Then, simple common sense would be a form of, or
a prerequisite to higher levels of intellectual

What would connect them to each other?

Perhaps different levels of awareness.

Are they related as you and I are?

If common sense is a prerequisite of intelligence …

And it both is and is not.

How is that possible?

What is common sense?

An instinctive or intuitive knowing.

Are they the same?


Instinct and intuition.

Is one more primitive?


More basic in that it developed prior
to the other.

As in emotion and intellect?

Instinct and intuition may be more closely
connected to each other.

In what way?

Perhaps intuition develops into instinct?

As in transcending?


Would instinct then dissolve?



Transcending doesn’t involve exchanging
one for the other.

Could they operate or function separately?


Instinct and intuition.


Then there is no transcendence from one
to the other?

Perhaps transcendence still plays a part
in the game.

What role? What game?

Perhaps as intuition develops …

It never develops. It transcends into awareness.

Then, perhaps instinct is more emotional
and intuition is more intellectual, as in
Yin and Yang?


Could common sense be a blend of instinct
and intuition.



Now, where does awareness fit into this picture?

I am becoming more aware of the interrelationship
between emotion and intellect.


Do they develop separately?

Is that possible?

They each need the other in order to develop
in a healthy way?


I think I’m over my head.


No Such Thing as Just a Dream

Our simple seeker was half asleep when Spirit
began to lecture to her on Freud’s concept of

Perhaps he didn’t think to use the term of
outer personality.

Ego as personality? That makes sense.

Actually it develops around our essence,
or soul, if you will, and it’s unique

She tried to focus with her weary mind
on what he was saying, and at the same time
wondered why He would choose such a moment.

Perhaps so your resistance to new ideas …

I don’t resist new ideas, at least not
just for the sake of resisting them.

Then why are you resisting the concept of
an inner or original personality and a mask
or protective energy that interacts between
the inner personality and the outer

Like a coat?

A living coat.

I don’t understand.


Why we would need an outer personality
to protect our essence when surely
our physical body does that.

The physical body is a structure,
even though it is a living one.

Okay, so we have two personalities

Of course, we may have several.

I’m trying to accept two.

Okay. For now, think two.

Inner and outer?

Inner and outer.

The outer is directed by the inner?


They take turns?

Not by design.

Then how?

The inner develops an interface …

As an aura?


And the aura serves to provide
a sort of protection …

Go on.

I can’t think. I’m tired.

So, You’re not interested in learning
about the function of the outer
personality as it develops into ego,
and forgets, or denies that it’s role
is to …

You’re losing me.

That’s not possible.

Is this just a dream?

There is no such thing as just a dream.

or protection

How Can I Know What is Possible?

Our simple seeker was meditating on
the seemingly-separate realities of
yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Or past, present, and future?


Why seemingly separate?

You know why.

Yes, but do you?

Yes. They are continuously and seamlessly
woven together.

In what way?

Each emerges from one of the others,

What if I suggested that they exist
each within the other, at all times
and in all places?

I would find that possibility …

It is more than a possibility.

Then, I would still find it
difficult to accept.

But not impossible?

How can I know what is possible?

You could ask me.

But, your answer might be designed
to test my willingness to accept
whatever you might tell me.


Projection and Rejection as Intrinsically Connected

Our simple seeker was meditating on the concept
of projection and rejection as being one and
the same.

One and the same what?

Perhaps not exactly one and the same, but ..

But, what?

Perhaps they are the same whatever, from
a different perspective.

What different perspective?

You’re asking me?

Yes. If you have an idea then you owe it
to yourself to at least attempt
to express it, if only to yourself.

But, isn’t just toying with an idea
the same as expressing it?

Not as long as it is too vague
to take any recognizable shape.

Then, rejection as a form of projection.


With photography we necessarily
reject what we do not plan
to project our focus on.

Yes, but that wasn’t ..

I may have forgotten …

I don’t think so.

Then, what?

You were stepping into thoughts
too deep for your comfort zone.

About rejection being
a twisted form of projection?

I think it goes the other way,
and not twisted.


An unhealthy mental attitude.
When we project our shadow,
to use Jungian symbolism
in referring to aspects
of our personality that we
would prefer to deny
ownership to, we are tempted
to project them onto
someone else. We then think,
or pretend to, that we are
free of our rejected emotions
or thoughts.



Then, photography does express
the concept of both projecting
and rejecting our focus on
some aspect of the same background?


Choosing to do Nothing is still Choosing

The air was damp but her new patio chair was so very
comfortable that our simple seeker was wandering away
without moving from her closeness to the one thousand
shades of dripping green leaves weighted down
by the soft but steadily falling rain, just beyond
her partially protected patio.

Raindrops seemed to slide from some leaves more
willingly than from some others. Why?

For many more reasons than one, perhaps.

How can that be?

Shapes, textures, angles of incline, location, ..

Yes, some are more exposed to …

A direct hit?

That would suggest that the rain was attacking.

And, a victim mentality?

Where are you going with that?

Cause and effect is simply a sequential order
of events.

My lost tooth?

It wasn’t lost.

Why did you let it fall out?

It was ready to go. No need to blame me.

But, you could have prevented it.

Why would I interfere with Nature?

I do it all the time, in the garden.

You interfere with Nature’s way?

Only when her way differs from mine.


It’s my garden.

And, it’s your tooth.

But, I couldn’t save it without your help.

And, I have nothing better to do with my energy
than to interfere with Nature in such a
small consequential situation?

It isn’t small for me.

Was it a large tooth?

You know it was small.

And, so was the issue.

What lesson could I learn from your behaviour?

What did I do?