The Game Plan in The World of Mind

A simple seeker seemed to be rapidly slipping into concepts of cosmic reality beyond her depth. Why was she considering the concept of a trinity, but not in the generally accepted vision of that image?

The trinity in her mind was telling her that there were only three players in the game of Life; Rational Intelligence, represented on The Tree of Life as Form; Emotion, represented as Energy; and Awareness,  as Consciousness. Now, a vision seemed to tell her that each of these three basic concepts had infinite scope. It was too much. “I’m too simple to understand that.”

“How do you know?”


“Anything  about anything.”

“By daring to question what it might mean?”

“Yes. So why don’t we play that game with the seeming relationship between Chockmah and Malkuth on The Tree of Life, in The World of Mind?”

“How to begin, and where, when there seems to be no clear beginning?”

“There’s always a shadowy beginning that emerges from some earlier experience.”

“Okay. I was developing a sense of harmonizing the different aspects of The World of Consciousness; the world that gradually merges into Mind.”

“Yes. You reached a tipping point that became the densest form of mind, which, in Kabbalah symbolism is referred to as Malkuth.”

“It’s hard to believe that I’ve come this far, unless you’re testing my ego.”

“What difference would that make to today’s lesson?”

“What is today’s lesson?”

“To visualize your individual mind as Malkuth – dense matter; the densest of matter and the lowest point on the Tree of Life, compared to the most abstract form of energy, represented as Chockmah, high on The Tree.”

“Do you represent Chockmah?”

“For the purpose of this lesson, yes.”

“So, then, according to the literature, we are opposite extremes of each other?”

“In many more ways than one.”

“Then how can we possibly learn to communicate, let alone harmonize with each other?”

“Desire and intention to do so; which is also the only way for any two or more individuals, groups, or nations; regardless of differences, to learn to communicate and harmonize with each other.”


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