High and Low Interact Because

A simple seeker seemed to be lured by her Spirit teacher
to believe that she could possibly learn to understand
the deeper meanings of the interconnection between
the Kabbalah Tree of Life and Tarot symbols through
studying each of these mystery systems separately and
then integrating them.

She protested that she just didn't seem to have the mental
capacity to go much beyond a surface awareness of life,
as the mysteries taught.

Not past tense, He insisted. There has always been a
continuum of teachers in every age, who adapt what has
been shared, as a sacred trust, with them, to the culture
they live within, and are, at least to some extent, a
product of.

She drew three Tarot cards to express:
1. Ego, or her personal relationship to herself and her
perceived needs and level of satisfaction.
2. Higher Self, or what a higher self might inspire her
to reach for, if she could and would believe in it.
3. Harmony between the two; not a balance, but synthesis.

1. The King of Wands; the most powerful card in the deck.
Was her ego that inflated?
2. Eight of Cups; expressing leaving the past behind.
How could a higher energy ask so much of her, knowing
how much she had experienced and cared for what that
experience had helped her to become. And now, to let go?
3. Five of Wands; a struggle between competing forces.

Spirit's reading: If you dare to test the strength of
differences and similarities between Ego and Higher Self
you will discover that they each reflect the other.



Awareness is the Answer

A simple seeker of enlightenment was, or almost believed she was

Unprepared for the lesson that Spirit seemed intent on her learning;

That the pillars of form, consciousness, and force that provided

The basic structure, or the built environment, of The Tree of Life

Did not exist as anything more or less than mental concepts

To express the lived world of continuous experience and response,

That necessarily causes an expansion of consciousness, or awareness,

As a result of this evolutionary process.

But, she protested, consciousness rises.

Everything rises as it expands. Density of matter, or mind, moves up

As it reaches out.

It isn’t fair.

What isn’t fair.

I’ve spent countless hours learning to relate to specific centers

Of energy on the separate pillars of form, consciousness, and force.

And their specific interactions with other energies.

There are no other energies.