Living in Three Worlds

A simple seeker of enlightenment had been accepted into

Grass Roots Spiritual Philosophy 121, and was meditating on

Stage 16 of The Tree of Life.

Spirit’s lesson for today: How to live in three worlds

while plantedĀ in a fourth?

How can I possibly exist in four worlds at one time?

We simply, or otherwise, do.

It isn’t simple for me.


How can I feel a sense of home if I live in four places?

“Place” suggests form.

How can anything not have form?

When it becomes formless.

How can that happen?

It is, was, and always will be.

Tension is not Necessarily Stress

Spirit shares a grass-roots vision of life.

The Tarot card Page of Wands looked strangely familiar
and yet it was a young boy dressed up in clothes that he
did not seem to feel comfortable wearing.

What does it say to us?

It wouldn’t say the same to me as it would to you.

How do you know? Or, do you?

What does that mean?

When anything or anyone speaks to our inner knowing,
we are receiving a message, and we know it.

Can it be an important message?

It’s always more than important. It is vital to our
self-interest and to our personal world.

That would create inner tension.


Who wants inner tension?

It’s not a case of wanting.

Then, needing?


Why do we need inner stress?

There’s a difference between stress and tension.

In degree?

In cause. The situation may cause tension and …

Ignoring the message of tension causes stress?


So, if we feel stressed, then it’s not directly
caused by the situation?

Exactly. Too many people seem to attemt to cope
with stress with medication instead of meditating
on its possible cause, alone or with a trusted
and qualified teacher.

Are we talking about You and me?

Yes, and anyone else who cares to listen.

Pain is not Suffering, Unless

A simple seeker is recovering from yet another
fairly minor surgical procedure.

It hurts.


Why do you say, “Yes”, as if my pain was
a blessing?

It is.

A blessing?


How is that possible?

Are your wounds healing?

They seem to be, this time.

How do you know?

The nerves in the area are active.

Do they indicate healing?

I don’t know.

But, they live?


That in itself is a blessing.

Yes, but they hurt.

Are you suffering?

Where are you going with that question?

Where might I be going?

Pain versus suffering?

Yes. We feel pain with physical senses,
while suffering is an emotional response
that can be controlled, if we choose
to control it.

Perhaps my suffering comforts me
in my time of pain.

Is that a healthy situation?



In what sense?

Life enhancing.

Surely rejoicing in pain would suggest
an unhealthy mental attitude.

How so?

I am aware of feeling pain and my awareness
seems to activate self-compassion.

Yes. Go on.

You’re leading me down one of your paths


So, I feel compassion for my suffering
and not for my pain?

Yes, and in the deepening awareness
that it is your suffering that attracts
your compassion, healing gradually
takes place.

My suffering is reduced?

Yes, and more. When your natural
healing energies are released from
their focus on your suffering they are
then able to cope with the source of pain.

Learn to relax and feel the pain
without self-pity?


Are You My Shadow

A simple seeker was deeply engrossed in reading
“The Shadow’s Gift” by Robin Robertson, in which
the author discusses his person experiences with
psychic mediums while maintaining an open mind
as to their authenticity.

What, exactly would an open mind look like, in
this instance?

Neither absolutely believing nor absolutely
disbelieving, but keenly interested in
understanding exactly what was happening.


In terms of the subconscious activity of
or through the channel or medium.

What’s the difference?

Between a channel and a medium?


Perhaps, in essence they’re the same.

Then, why did you mention both?

Are they not the same?


Then, what is the difference.

The difference is one of function.

Please explain.

A medium communicates physical people
with non-physical people.

And a channel?

She serves a non-physical person. or purpose.


Yes, you.

Are you my shadow?

In a way, yes.

What does that mean?

It means that we are each incomplete without
the other.

In what way?

I teach you and you share my teaching with
your blog readers.

There are not that many of them.

There will be.

And Still A Long Way To Go

Our simple seeker was reading Alan Seale’s
“Create a World That Works”.

How can that be done?

It is being done.

By whom?

By everyone.

And everything?


How are we doing it?

Simply by being.

Being what?

No what necessary.

What does that mean?

What might it mean?

Is being the same as living?

In what way?



Just as we are.


All of us.


Then, what?

We each of us exist.



Then, what’s wrong with my using “we”?

It suggests one way.

Is there more than one way?

For what?

For each of us to exist.

Yes and no.

Please explain.

We each are as we each are, in a continuous
process of becoming.

Becoming what?

We can never become a what.

Then, becoming whom?

We are now whom we are.

Then, whom are we?

We each are we.



There is No Way to Spirituality; It is The Way

Our simple seeker was meditating on the spiritual concept
of “The Way”. She had always, it seems, found the term

What’s the problem with it?

“The way to go” can refer to a direction.

It is a direction.

But, it can also refer to how to live; as in a power
tripper insisting it be her way.

Or his?

I didn’t want you to consider it as personal.

It is personal.

I could have also meant power-trippers in general.

Also suggests the personal was included.

Okay. Yes, but you do sometimes …

Only sometimes?

I’m learning a new way of coping with your way?


Yes. Exactly. Your way, as how you would or do
whatever; your style.

And the results?

It makes it so much less of a struggle; so much
less stressful.

In what way?

Even individual children develop their own way,
their own style, of learning.

And my way is just my style?

Not just …

Yes. We each are unique in some way and we can
only be who we are and learn and do whatever,
our way.

Then, the way to enlightenment can only be
an individual way?

Yes and no.

Please explain.

Learning math, or any other academic subject,
or in developing any skill, requires accepting
general rules or guidelines. But, within
these rules there is infinite flexibility.

Is developing a spiritual life a skill?


Is it a way to enlightenment?


Then, what

It is The Way.

A Higher Infusion of Energy

Our simple seeker was meditating on the concept of
reverse transcendence.

How did that idea get into your mind?

I don’t know. Perhaps you put it there.

For what purpose?

Perhaps to inform me of the topic of today’s lesson.

How would you explain reverse transcendence?

In traditional yoga practice the mind of the student
and that of her teacher become interconnected.

Where does reverse transcendence fit into such
a situation.

As the student absorbs more and more of her teacher’s
understanding …

Understanding and not wisdom?

Are they not the same?

Yes. Go on.

Then her own wisdom or awareness expands, as she
absorbs some of his.

Does she transcend her own mind?

No. An overlap, as in the process of paradigm shifts,
develops between the student’s mind and that of
her teacher’s.

Duality becomes one?

Not totally.

So, she absorbs his energy without losing her own?

Perhaps our unique energy could never be in danger
of being consumed by another.

It could be weakened or strengthened. Is this
the result of a student attracting and absorbing
her teacher’s energy?

Perhaps neither happens.

Then, what does or might happen?

The student may become increasingly aware of her own
vibrating energy through a more relaxed and trusting
association with his.

Very good. But, where does your concept of reverse
transformation come in?

I’m still vague about it but transcendence suggests
going beyond, and if her Guru’s energy is
strengthening her own then the flow of higher energy
is from without to within – a reverse flow from
the generally accepted view of transcendence
as going beyond, or from within to without.

Does the teacher lose anything in this transfer of

Is there a transfer?


Then the high energy the teacher transmits to his
student would be replaced by an even higher infusion
of energy from His source of enlightenment, as a
pressure gradient system might work.

Is that all?

For now, yes. Did I do well?

For now, yes.

Awareness of Personal Power Requires Meditation

Our simple seeker had randomly chosen and was now studying
her daily personal relationship card, The King of Wands.
This authority figure presented as having a firm grip on power.

Is it possible?

Is what possible?

To possess a firm grip on authority?

He seems ready to do battle to maintain it, and beneath his
royal robes he wears a body suit of armour.

Then he rules with an iron grip?

Wands are wood, but he does seem prepared, and yet ..

And yet?

Something in his posture and facial expression suggests
a willingness to listen to reason.

Does he remind you of me?

Not at all.


Wands express action.

And teachers do not?

Not in a physical sense.

Intellectual development has physical results.


Everything you do, say, or think is an expression of
intellectual development.


Does that mean you agree?


Then what?

It means that I’m impressed with your self-confidence.

Yes, but do you disagree?


Why not?

Self-directed actions must be based on thoughts,
blended with emotions, and our thoughts are influenced
by those whom we have chosen, or who have been chosen
for us, to develop and guide our thinking.

Do I guide your thinking.

Yes, you certainly have had a powerful effect on my

In what way?

You have continuously, or so it seems, challenged me
to defend or question my own thinking.

And the effects of earlier teachers and social
conditioning on your thinking?


Now, back to the King of Action.

What about him?

I’ll ask you again: Do teachers possess power
to influence their students’ actions; what they
say and do?

Yes, both now and in the future. I now understand
the power of what we know, or think we know.

Yes, that we have learned from whomever we allowed
to teach us whatever.

Free will?


Personal responsibility?

Yes, that too.

What about emotions.

What about them?

Have I taught you any?

How can anyone learn or teach emotions?

Nothing we can say, think, or do is, or can be

How can we learn to recognize which emotion is
embedded in what particular thought, word or


How to develop self-awareness?

Self-reflection and meditation in some form.

How does self-awareness relate to the symbolic
form of The King of Action.

His seeming sense of power is a reflection of
his self-awareness. He is aware of his own
personal strengths, his personal power.
Are you, of yours?



Compassion Has a History of Passionate Concern

Our simple seeker was practicing slow and deep breathing,
to calm her overly charged emotions, after reading
a passionate post of a patriotic soul concerning
her homeland, or, at least, the land of her birth.

The young journalist (or did it require youth to care
so deeply?) was obviously very agitated by what had happened,
was happening now, and what might yet happen; all of it
seemingly beyond her power to control.

How did her energy affect your own in such a way?

I don’t know how that was possible. Perhaps we’re kindred spirits.

Yes. We each resonate at a frequency that magnetically attracts
and connects with others resonating with the same or similar

Through a computer?


Then, how?

Thoughts have power to resonate whether written, spoken, or
reflected upon in one’s own mind.

Then, the computer …

Or a book …

I’m not going there.


You have hinted at a book for the past ten thousand years
or more. I don’t care any more.


I allowed myself to get too personally involved in
the prospect.


What does that mean?

It is the same with the young journalist who has become
a deeply distressed witness to a human tragedy.

Expanded awareness would allow her to transform her
agitated emotions to empathy?

And then to compassion.

Yes, and you are right, again.

In what way.

In that she seems to see her world too close-up
to allow for expanded awareness.

Would she care less for current events if she
could distance herself from them?

No. She would still know that she was helpless
to change what is.

What can she change?

I’m not sure.

We can each change how we choose to respond
to whatever situation.

Would she have expressed less care if she had
not shared her experience, her story?


To Inspire Us to Think

Our simple seeker had rediscovered Jack Schwartz
somewhere in her personal collection of books
that crowded together in a distressingly
disorganized way, in a bookcase designed
to hold far fewer books than she seemed unable
to let go of.

How did she come to hold it in her hands, now?
It had obviously been cherished by her at
some time in the past, beyond her current
memory. It was full of underlining and
highlighting – her personal signature
statement of interest, though sneered at
by some who claim closeness to her.

If you care for me then accept my ways?

Yes. But, “Human Energy Systems” was still
with her, even though it had been written
more than thirty years ago.

What has that to do with anything?

Of lasting value?


That would depend ..

On what?

Our understanding develops over time.

Not necessarily.

Sudden insight?


Then, as if designed to impress this truth
in the mind of his simple student, her book
opened to “Seeing is not believing”, and
“All the sensory systems of the body
can be misled in one way or another”, and
“In the intuitive domain, however, certainty
often seems to provide factual knowledge”.

A sudden idea or insight can inspire us
to do research on our own, to seek
more information on our subject of interest.

So, there is no conflict between awareness
and formal knowledge?

There is and must be constant conflict
between our personal understanding
of anything and what has been generally
accepted as knowledge.


There could be no advancement in
our understanding if sudden insights
did not come before dedicated study.

To prove the truth of the new concept?

Or to disprove it.


Not how.

Then, why?

To inspire us to think.