In Praise of Potential

A simple seeker was talking to herself, or was she
thinking out loud, without making much sound or,
possibly, much sense, either.

I may be what I have become but, perhaps what I was
to begin with was’t entirely my idea. So, how can
I know just how much of what I have or might have
become that I can accept credit or responsibility for

She was beginning to feel more comfortable
interacting with Spirit, the Voice of Authority
in her life, at least for now.

Why for now and not later?

Now doesn’t necessarily exclude later, does it?

That depends.

On what?

On what now has a potential of excluding in the future.

Such as?

Recklessly squandering resources available today
may limit or, in the extreme, exclude them from
your future.

Is that a general observation or a personal comment?

Yes. We each have the potential to improve the quality
of life for ourselves and others, today, tomorrow, and
beyond. We also possess potential to do ourselves
and others harm, with or without intent to do so.

How can we know if what we are doing may harm ourselves
or others in the future?

Whatever has potential to do good or harm today
may possess the same power tomorrow, and beyond.

So, what to do?

About what?

How can we know?


Are we going in circles?


Then what?



Now do I Understand Kabbalah?

Now do you understand Kabbalah?

You know I’m totally over my head and I can’t swim.

Then relax and let your mind float until you develop more skill.

This simple seeker was reading “The Practical Kabbalah”
A guidebook, by C.J.M. Hopking, and was puzzled about
the author explaining that the trees representing each
of the Four Worlds interpenetrated each other. Fortunately,
for me, the author quoted C.G. Jung as saying that “problems
which we encounter on our path of spiritual growth are not
solved; they are transcended.”

I felt quite smug about connecting Jung’s thought to the way
each of the worlds on the Ladder of Light emerged from the one
beneath it, except for the bottom one, of course. Spirit seemed
to take credit for planting the insight in my mind.

Yes, from the one tree, which represents a path to spiritual
wisdom, higher and ever higher levels of awareness develop. Each level, or tree, becomes the foundation upon which ever higher
levels, stages, or plateaus develop.

As in mountain climbing, first a base camp is established part way
up the mountain and then further camps are built as the climber ascends. Each new level achieved is an accomplishment in itself,
and also allows for time to rest and evaluate, and share with new arrivals, and to learn from those who have reached higher levels
and are now returning, to share what they have learned.

The four worlds represent stages of transcendence. We each live
in each and all of these inner worlds of mind at one and the same time. Developing spiritual knowledge, understanding, and wisdom is
a never-ending process.

Do not place boundaries between the worlds emerging from each other.
They were concepts designed to express the interconnectedness, or
web of Life, wherein our consciousness gradually develops higher and higher levels of awareness. Any concept of boundaries represents horizons as seen from any one stage of spiritual development.

Each level becomes no more than a necessary foundation upon which
we build, and we do, each in our own way and in our own time,
deeper faith in ourselves.

Faith in anyone or anything beyond our self expresses a lack of faith in self, and self is Self. We are as one with all that is.

We each must find our own way

Our simple seeker was dabbling in Kabbalah. Her spirit guide was not impressed.

There is an old saying about wisdom: Drink deep or not at all.

Wasn’t that about knowledge?

How can they be separated?

Oh dear, you’re going to tell me there’s a fine line between them?


Then what?

They are interconnected. Knowledge is a necessary step to wisdom.

The more knowledge, the more wisdom?

Not necessarily. One might possess, as you seem to, some knowledge of diverse areas of spiritual study but no grounding in any of them. Wisdom requires focus.

But, then might I not have limited wisdom?


I seem to need to understand many wisdom traditions even if I learn less about any one of them than I might, with focus, learn about one, and, how would I choose which one to focus my attention on^

So, you prefer to scatter your seeds of knowledge?

I would, in time, develop or build a wider foundation, if not a deep one.

A surface understanding of Life?

Then, how to choose?

There is no one way. What you are doing may be the path you were intended to follow.

Then you approve?

Of what?

Of what I am doing.

I neither approve nor disapprove. We each must find our own way to enlightenment.

An Empty Mind Has No foundation

A simple seeker was thinking about her recent, strange discussion,
if it could be called that.

If it could be called what? A discussion, strange, or a strange

I’m still trying to figure it all out, and any discussion with You
has to be considered strange in that it is not a generally accepted
possibility. Added to that was the discussion about spiritual philosophy.

Is spiritual philosophy also not generally considered possible?

No. On the contrary, spiritual philosophy is very much a part of
new age thinking.

What is new age thinking?

It’s thinking about life and what it is and about how we can learn to live
in harmony with each other and with the environment.

Hasn’t that always been generally accepted?

Yes, perhaps, but new age thinkers are not restricted to a specific school
of thought such as religious beliefs or other exclusive group thinking,
such as a particular scientific theory as having a final answer.

A final answer to what?

To the origin of life, gender relationships, potentials, truths…

So, where are you in all of this so-called spiritual philosophy thinking?

That’s the beauty of it all. I don’t have to be anywhere.


My thinking can adapt and change as I am introduced to new ideas. That is called
being open minded.

How does your open mind differ from an empty one?

An open mind is continuously accepting new thoughts and then trading them for
even newer thoughts that seem to make more sense.

And an empty mind?

With an empty mind, no new thoughts are …


There is nothing in an empty mind to attract thoughts.

No foundation?


What is spiritual philosophy?

What is spiritual philosophy?
You’re asking me?
But, you’re the teacher
And you’re the student.
Is this a test?
Of what?
Of what I’ve learned.
From your teaching.
It doesn’t work like that.
What doesn’t?
How does it work?
It doesn’t. You do.
Experience and awareness.
It sounds intellectual.
What else is there?
As separate from intellect?
We think with intellect and feel with emotion.
Can you think without emotion or feel without thought?
Not completely.
What does that mean?
You’re trying to trap me.
I don’t try.
Have I trapped myself?

The solution is trust, but …

Our simple seeker has returned home. It was time out; even Spirit seemed to approve of family time.

Georgia was worried that she might, no, she knew she didn’t have the power or the will to totally disconnect from Spirit, but He surely did and, another possibility seemed to suggest itself; that the very close relationship – could it be described as intimate? Whatever …

Spirit closed off her train of thought, as if it had been as pouring from a kitchen tap. Georgia was, as always, impressed by Spirit’s power to control, at least to some extent, her thinking. But, she complained tor herself, my brain is not as a water tank.

What were you thinking about;?

I can’t remember, exactly, yes, now I do, about our relationship.

Yes. You were not considering it as of high value.

Our simple seeker was suddenly shaken. Somehow she must have offended her spirit teacher.

I am neither pleased nor offended. I have long ago outgrown immature attachment to either false or sincere praise or criticism. I know my own value. Do you?

Do I what? Was she stalling for time or confused by what he was asking her? But, the truth was, and she knew it, that she really didn’t know either her value or His, exactly.

I confess that I did not express the respect I owe you …

Why would you owe me respect?

For all that you have taught me and for choosing to let me be a part of your mission to share your teaching.

It isn’t my teaching. I share what has been shared with me. But, concerning your disrespect …

Have I been disrespectful?


Perhaps I don’t know how to show respect to someone I can’t see. I know it was my idea, that you not manifest in human form but, what if you planted that idea in my head.


You might have planted the suspicion in my mind that I would wonder why you manifested as you did, if you did.

You were concerned that I would have a motive?


Don’t we all have a motive?

For what?

For everything we choose to do or choose not to do.

Then, what is the solution?


I’m not very good at that.


We Learn to Know What Isn’t True

It was a glorious day in early May. Vancouver was at its finest. Rhodos and azaleas were almost in bloom, having given others the spotlight before moving into their glory.

Georgia felt a spiritual bonding to azaleas and rhododendrons, and som other shad-loving plants. Shte, too, preferred to avoid direct sunlight. It seemed to be a too in-you-face brilliance. But, she felt great pleasure as a witness to the life the sun seemed to send to all that its rays could reach.

She adored her secluded balcony that provided her the pleasure of seeing the world move by, just a few feet away, while remaining hidden from view,behind her vines and flowers.

Spirit deserves praise, respect, and perhaps much more for the pleasure this almost sacred place, she thought, almost scolding herself for not expressing enough gratitude for her blessings.

But, then, she considered, what if Spirit had nothing to do with the quality of my life. What if it was the fickle finger of fate that brought all this about, she thought.

“Nothing comes from nothing or without cause or purpose”. He was listening to her thoughts.

Georgia had more or less settled into a habit of resisting Spirit’s ideas unil it no longer made sense to do so, when they made her own seem as those of a young child. And yet there was a powerful difference between an egocentric child who believed she knew the truth about whatever, and Georgia, as she saw herself. She knew tht she did not know nearly as much as she seemed to need to know, but why? Most everyone else she knew acted as if they were well satisfied with the state of their own knowing.

Georgia’s ideas had developed over a lifetime and she felt they were an integral part of who and what she was. Now, along comes Spirit…

He interrupted her line of thought. “What advantage does your thinking have over that of a child if your thoughts are built on a foundation of childish illusions?”

Then, where am I. She was almost distressed to tears.

“At the beginning of new thoughts based on new ideas that are, in reality, timeless ideas.”

Then what purpose has my lifetime of thought and experience served?

“It has served you well in that it has taught you to think and consider the possibility, as you now do, that it was all necessary.”


“You may not yet know the truth about Life but you know a lot that isn’t true.”

A materialized adept

Georgia was accepting the reality of being something akin to being possessed, even though the very thought of that possibility sent shivers of fear through her. It brought memories of stories, or were they lived experiences of an earlier lifetime, of the tortures inflicted upon helpless individuals who were accused by self-proclaimed, but generally accepted representatives of God.

Of course, Spirit may not be a spirit at all but a materialized adept controlling her, or attempting to, from some isolated palace, or cave, in northern India, or, perhaps, much closer to home.

What is a materialized adept?

A highly evolved spirit who has chosen a human disguise in order to develop enlightenment among ordinary humans.

So, a spirit in disguise as a human?


Aren’t we all playing that game?

A Mood of Doubt

Georgia had slipped into one of her periodic moods of doubt regarding her spirit teacher. Did He even exist beyond her mind?
But, what can exist beyond your mind? His voiceless thought came to her, but how? Perhaps if I had something to eat, or did a load of laundry. Simple activities seemed to help her focus, or protect her from seeming to need to focus on whatever.
And how do I hear voiceless thoughts, other than my own? There has to be a way that thoughts can …
I know, but how does it work?
It doesn’t work at all, in the sense of needing a physical connection. Do you hear your own unspoken thoughts?
Yes, but they develop within my mind.
And you think your mind is separate from mine?
People don’t hear other people think.
It isn’t possible, except via body language.
When we claim that anything is not possible, we close the door, not of possibility, but of our awareness of it.
Is it as intuition?
Then, please explain.
Intention to hear and be heard.
But, then, why can you do it and I can’t?
You haven’t practiced.
How can I practice?
By first believing that you could develop the ability, and then using it.
Then, it is as a skill.
Is hearing as a skill?
Not for me. It seems to be a function of being human that is declining as I age, as is my strength.
Perhaps your reduced hearing is a blessing in disguise.
How can it be a blessing?
Without all the distractions of needless sounds you are more able to listen to me.