Initiation Brings Transformation

Our simple seeker was meditating on possible differences
between the concepts of initiation and transformation, and,
if in fact …

If there were differences, then what would they be?

I’ve been asking myself that question.

Sometimes it helps when an outside …

You’re hardly an outside voice.

How do you know?

I can feel your thought.


A single energy.

Perhaps we’re each and all part of a single energy.

Perhaps, but …

Perhaps but what?

How does that relate to, if it does, the differences,
if there are any, between initiation and transformation?

Even as you ask, I sense awareness developing within you.

You might have pulled a curtain back.

From within you or from within your mind?

Is there a difference?

No, none at all.


And Still A Long Way To Go

Our simple seeker was reading Alan Seale’s
“Create a World That Works”.

How can that be done?

It is being done.

By whom?

By everyone.

And everything?


How are we doing it?

Simply by being.

Being what?

No what necessary.

What does that mean?

What might it mean?

Is being the same as living?

In what way?



Just as we are.


All of us.


Then, what?

We each of us exist.



Then, what’s wrong with my using “we”?

It suggests one way.

Is there more than one way?

For what?

For each of us to exist.

Yes and no.

Please explain.

We each are as we each are, in a continuous
process of becoming.

Becoming what?

We can never become a what.

Then, becoming whom?

We are now whom we are.

Then, whom are we?

We each are we.



Sharing As Connective Tissue

Our simple seeker was meditating on the thought
of who and whom trading places.

How does it work? What would it look like?

It’s you and me when we interact. I am here
and you are there, but only from my personal
perspective. From your perspective it would
be the reverse.

Why are we separated?

Isn’t that just the way it is?


Then, what?

We are as connected as we each care to be.

As we choose to be?


Then what?

As we each care to be.

What if we don’t or didn’t know each other?

It would still be the same

How can we care to be connected to someone …

To everyone, and everything.


We each are more connected to each other
than anyone is aware of being.

Is that a structural concept of oneness?

Oneness is more than a concept. It is reality.

A structural reality?

No, an essence reality.

And in essence we are all connected?


But not in form?


What connects us?

Love, as expressed in awareness, understanding,
and compassion, and Love’s many other varieties
of connective tissue.

Love’s varieties of connective tissue?

That hold us to each other.

Would they necessarily all be healthy tissues?

Potentially, yes.

But in reality?

Potentiality is real.

Are these connective tissues aware …

Of what?

Of being …

Of being what?

Of being connective tissues?

Between what or whom?

You’re leading me on.


Where are you leading me?

Where might I be leading you?

To an impossible thought.

No thought is impossible.

But, the reality it might express …

It is the only reality.

That the many qualities of love are more real
than I am?


Projection and Rejection as Intrinsically Connected

Our simple seeker was meditating on the concept
of projection and rejection as being one and
the same.

One and the same what?

Perhaps not exactly one and the same, but ..

But, what?

Perhaps they are the same whatever, from
a different perspective.

What different perspective?

You’re asking me?

Yes. If you have an idea then you owe it
to yourself to at least attempt
to express it, if only to yourself.

But, isn’t just toying with an idea
the same as expressing it?

Not as long as it is too vague
to take any recognizable shape.

Then, rejection as a form of projection.


With photography we necessarily
reject what we do not plan
to project our focus on.

Yes, but that wasn’t ..

I may have forgotten …

I don’t think so.

Then, what?

You were stepping into thoughts
too deep for your comfort zone.

About rejection being
a twisted form of projection?

I think it goes the other way,
and not twisted.


An unhealthy mental attitude.
When we project our shadow,
to use Jungian symbolism
in referring to aspects
of our personality that we
would prefer to deny
ownership to, we are tempted
to project them onto
someone else. We then think,
or pretend to, that we are
free of our rejected emotions
or thoughts.



Then, photography does express
the concept of both projecting
and rejecting our focus on
some aspect of the same background?


There Is no Self to Focus On

Our simple seeker was struggling with the concept
of lack of faith, which didn’t seem to make sense
to her.

What seems to be the problem?

Lack suggests not enough.


That would suggest that it would also be possible
to have too much faith, or more than enough.

More than enough faith in what, or whom?

More than enough faith in You, for instance.

Before you could have more than enough,
you would first have to have some.


Do you?

I don’t know.

Perhaps you have more than you feel comfortable
acknowledging, even to yourself.

Then, lack of faith in myself would, or could
be my problem.

Why would it be a problem?

I want to develop more confidence in myself.

More suggests that you do do have some.

Yes, I do, I guess. But, I want more.


Why would I not want as much confidence
in myself as possible?

Too much might be as self-destructive
as too little.


It tends to focus on self.

At the expense of others?


Then, what?

It distorts your focus from the reality
that there is no self to focus on.

Unconditional Love has no Direct Object

Our simple seeker was contemplating or
meditating on unconditional compassion
when a thought dropped, or was dropped,
into her mind.

However, she lost track of the thought
when she stopped to wonder how it was
possible for it to just pop in
without being invited.

One doesn’t invite thoughts.

Or feelings?

Or feelings.

Then, where do they come from?

Not, how do they get into your mind?

That, too.

What were you thinking about?

Unconditional compassion.

It doesn’t exist


Why doesn’t it exist or why is it
impossible for it to exist?

If it doesn’t exist…

And it doesn’t.

Then, why is it impossible to feel
unconditional compassion?

Why would you want to?

I’m developing a capacity to feel
unconditional love …

I’m impressed with your progress
in that area of spiritual development.

So, why can’t I feel unconditional

Toward what or whom? And, would it be
in addition to or instead of feeling
unconditional love?

Can I feel both?

As an out to choosing which?


Then, the answer is no.

Can I feel unconditional love
and compassion?


What is the relationship between
love and compassion?

Unconditional love and compassion?


Unconditional love has no direct
object. It is a quality of the soul.

And, compassion requires someone
or something to feel concern for?


We Each Have Our Own Style

Our simple seeker was meditating on the lesson
Krishna gave to Arjuna on Karma Yoga.

Can you accept that all output of time and
energy is an investment in some future event?

Yes. I’ve recently been there and done that.

Was it worth it?

Very much so, looking back from a safe
distance from the disastrous outcome.

Krishna spoke of sacrificing the results.
Was that part of your experience.

Krishna would have meant in advance.
I didn’t do that. I’m not that noble.
Besides, I think in today’s world,
the very concept of sacrifice is
considered sanctimonious and exhibiting
a holier than thou attitude.

Or, in simple terms, an ego trip?


Then, in today’s language, how would you
describe the final outcome?

I was able to let go.

Of the outcome?

Much more than that.

Then, what?

Are we reversing roles?

We have no iron-clad roles.

That realization was part of
the unexpected outcome.

After your recovery?

Perhaps I was never very graceful in
situations of emotional crisis. But,
it was as if a time bomb blew up
in my mind. It was a wake-up call
such as I have rarely experienced.
A cherished illusion had burst.

But, later;?

I’m now able to accept personal
responsibility for setting myself up.

For inevitability?

Yes. My cherished illusion exploded.

And the others?

No big deal. They were pretending to be
in a relationship that didn’t exist.
I was pretending to pretend, while
at some level knowing it wasn’t real.

You needed the relationship more
than they did.

I guess.

They didn’t have a balloon that burst?

That was the tragic comedy part of
the ending that even Shakespeare
didn’t think of. My guests went home with
all the beautiful balloons. I was left
with the exploded illusion.

Do you have regrets?

Not now, now that I have recovered, but,
I suspect that you set me up, in a much less
gentle manner than Krishna would have.

We each have our own style.

Unhappiness and Suffering Cause Each Other

It was another glorious morning in late summer and
our simple seeker was enjoying it to the full;
relaxed in her secret, sacred garden.

Don’t you feel guilty enjoying yourself
while there’s so much unhappiness and
suffering in the world?

Is there a difference?

Between what?

Unhappiness and suffering.



Cause and effect.

Which causes which?

They each cause the other.

In the same situation?


How is that possible?

Unhappiness triggers suffering, and

Why is unhappiness not a form of

There is no form involved.

What, then?

A misunderstanding.

What is misunderstood?

They are each self-inflicted.


Lack of awareness.

Of what?

The unstable nature of emotions.

But, love is an emotion.


Is love necessarily unstable?


In what way?

In that love is a variable.

We can love more or less?


What about thoughts?

Thoughts aren’t emotions.

And Anyone Else

The Page of Wands looked strangely familiar and yet
it was a young boy dressed up in clothes that he
did not seem to feel comfortable wearing.

What does it say to us?

It wouldn’t say the same to me as it would to you.

How do you know? or, do you?

What does that mean?

When anything or anyone speaks to our inner knowing,
we are receiving a message, and we know it.

Can it be an important message?

It’s always more than important. It is vital
to our self-interest and to our personal world.

That would create inner tension.


Who wants inner tension?

It’s not a case of wanting.

Then, needing?


Why do we need inner stress?

There’s a difference between stress and tension.

In degree?

In cause. The situation causes tension and …

Ignoring the message of tension causes stress?


So, if we feel stressed then it’s not directly
caused by the situation?

Exactly. Too many people seem to attempt to cope
with stress with medication, instead of meditating
on its possible cause, alone or with a trusted
and qualified teacher.

Are we talking about You and me?

Yes, and anyone else who cares to listen.

Another Hero Gone

Our simple seeker was in mourning for someone
she had never met, at least not in person,
during this lifetime. But, he was to her a hero;
a giant of a soul.

Even the trees around her hung heavy, as if to share
her mood.

We each come for a purpose and when we have
completed our chosen role, then …

I like that story, but …

It is much more than a story. But?

If it was time to go …

And it was.

Then why did he have to …

Perhaps that, too, was the plan.

Whose plan?


And we each …?

And we each …

Do some of us choose to be bombed?

Not everyone who is.

Then what?

We each choose, if we have developed
to the level of capacity to choose.

And the rest of us?

A supporting cast of millions.

What purpose …?

To learn to develop your capacity to choose.


And where, when, how, and why.

And who?