Relationship Is All There Is

A simple seeker was meditating on the concept
of resisting what seemed to be …


To protect myself from attachment


By accepting that any pleasure or possession
is no more than a temporary experience.

Some might cling all the more, to enjoy
what they do while they can.

So, acceptance is not enough?

Enough what?

We need more than awareness?

To what?

To resolve the problem.

What problem?

The problem of how to let go.

Or what?

Of whatever seems to need to be let go of.

A two-way street?

Yes, and yet more.

Yes, a pressure gradient.

Please explain.

Whatever or whomever we cling to is also
clinging to us.


Everything and everyone is energy, in relationship
with everything and everyone else.

So, it is the relationships and not the temporary
forms that need to be released from each other.


Then, what?

Everything and everyone relates to everything
and everyone else.

Then, how to let go of a relationship?

We cannot.

What can we do?

We can, with practice, learn to accept
the existence of relationship and its power,
and its immunity to our will; individual or

To focus on the relationship and not the who
or what?


And then what?

To meditate from as detached a mental perspective
as we can while remaining calm and non-judgmental
of ourselves or whatever relationship we seek
to understand.

Can we learn to understand the why and how of


And then they dissolve?


What does happen as a result of our understanding?


And then?

Tensions relax

Without detachment?

Detachment to what?

Whatever or whomever we were attached to.

We never were attached to anyone or anything.

Other than relationship itself?


How are we attached to relationship?

We are relationship.


Spirituality Requires Thought and Emotion

Our simple seeker was overwhelmed with the power
of what she was reading on a web site she had
connected to via a Twitter tweet. She could not
pull herself away, to wind down.

So, now you’ve discovered depth psychology?

You know that I studied that many years ago,
but this goes beyond a simple review.

Jung as a spiritual thinker was not part of
your formal studies?

As far as I can remember, spirituality
and thinking were not even considered …


Something like that.

What is your take on this new ethics?

It isn’t new in the sense that it would
replace the old.

Then, how can it be considered as new?

You’re setting me up.


Then, please explain how the two can
merge, and why they now must.

They have never been separate.

As in the letter and the spirit
of the law?


Then the old and new ethics of Spiritual
Depth Psychology refers to developing
an inner awareness of the purpose of
outer forms of ethical conduct and social
expectations, and why these serve us all?

Yes, and more.

What more?

The process of increasing awareness requires
and stimulates intellectual development.

And emotional development?



When we each start to develop an inner
perspective of how and why to express
compassion toward ourselves and others,
in a way that honours both the past and
present, and possible future rules of
interacting with others, then our
emotional development will be
the stimulus to intellectual awareness.

They develop separately?

Yes and no.

How is that possible?

We each are usually more mature in either
thought or emotion, but each is
continuously, even if very slowly,
developing and influencing the other’s