Preparing for Spirit’s Arrival

A simple seeker was aware that she had much to learn about life,
even before she met her Spirit Guru. Could she even claim to have
met Him? She certainly didn’t see Him coming, and He wasn’t invited.
Or, was He. She did recall seeking psychic guidance from the universe,
but certainly not in the form (figuratively speaking) of a constant,
more or less, companion, teacher, and life coach.

No. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. If she could have known what
would or might happen, before it did, and if she … But, what’s the
point in pondering what might have been? Would it have changed
anything? Who knows?

Her life, up until, or at least preceding this unexpected event, had
left much to be desired, in the way of emotional, intellectual, and
spiritual satisfaction; even physical satisfaction, if she would have
allowed herself to focus on that category. She felt a powerful yearning
for a sense of meaning; a way of life that would bring spiritual
fulfillment and understanding of what life was all about and why.

This simple seeker had studied psychology, philosophy, and spiritual
teachings from many traditions, and was impressed by each and every
source of inspiration. She agreed with all of them, at least to some
extent, much to the annoyance of family and friends. They scolded her,
claiming that she must choose an exclusive belief system. They just
didn’t seem to understand that she didn’t want any formal and
exclusive system of thought. She was seeking an open-ended way of
understanding life.

Some form of structure was also very much desired, but how to balance
structured thought with resistance to form? She had been getting very
discouraged, but pretended to possess endless confidence in her way.
Fortunately, no one questioned her about what her way was.

Whenever she would question, and she seemed to need to question
everyone who claimed to know anything about how to live a good life
and why, or what a good life would look like. She was dismissed as
being critical of what she didn’t understand. That might have been true,
if they could only have explained to her what exactly they thought she
was critical of.

An even more severe response would be, and often was, that she was
holding on to her ego, which, some would try to convince her, was
an obstruction in her path to eternal bliss.

Ego as an obstruction was an insane idea, even to her simple mind.
Whatever would I do without an ego, she thought. It was what was
driving her search, or so she seemed to believe, at the time. She
would later come to think of her ego as a vehicle that instinctively
(or was it on autopilot?) was moving her on her way, her unique way
to understanding and living her life in physical reality.

Into all of the confusing thoughts and emotions struggling to dominate
each other, within her heart and mind, Spirit made a dramatic entry.
But, that’s another story, or was He already working with her, behind
the scenes, and if so, why?

Non-Local Consciousness

A simple seeker was meditating on the concept of
non-local consciousness.

But, I’m conscious and I’m also local. I’m here.

How conscious are you? How local are you? And,
where is here?

Are you trying to confuse me?

No. You do that very well for and to yourself.

So, then, what does non-local consciousness

It simply means that consciousness is local,
but not necessarily exclusively so.

As in cosmic consciousness?

That’s the non-local aspect of it.

And my portion is …

You don’t have an exclusive portion.

But, I’m conscious.

Yes, at least to some extent.

Then, do I have a limited capacity
to be conscious?

Of what?

Of being conscious.

Again, of what?

Of whatever I’m conscious of.

To what extent?

Haven’t we been there before?


Okay, please explain what non-local
consciousness is.

Consciousness that’s non-local.

As in unlimited awareness?


And my awareness is …


I can accept that, but I intend to
become less limited.




Does it matter?

For this purpose, no.

For what purpose would it matter?

Local and non-local are as specific
and general.

And general can be as expanded …


Then to study a specific subject would
expand my awareness of that subject or way?


To enlightenment.


Sharing As Connective Tissue

Our simple seeker was meditating on the thought
of who and whom trading places.

How does it work? What would it look like?

It’s you and me when we interact. I am here
and you are there, but only from my personal
perspective. From your perspective it would
be the reverse.

Why are we separated?

Isn’t that just the way it is?


Then, what?

We are as connected as we each care to be.

As we choose to be?


Then what?

As we each care to be.

What if we don’t or didn’t know each other?

It would still be the same

How can we care to be connected to someone …

To everyone, and everything.


We each are more connected to each other
than anyone is aware of being.

Is that a structural concept of oneness?

Oneness is more than a concept. It is reality.

A structural reality?

No, an essence reality.

And in essence we are all connected?


But not in form?


What connects us?

Love, as expressed in awareness, understanding,
and compassion, and Love’s many other varieties
of connective tissue.

Love’s varieties of connective tissue?

That hold us to each other.

Would they necessarily all be healthy tissues?

Potentially, yes.

But in reality?

Potentiality is real.

Are these connective tissues aware …

Of what?

Of being …

Of being what?

Of being connective tissues?

Between what or whom?

You’re leading me on.


Where are you leading me?

Where might I be leading you?

To an impossible thought.

No thought is impossible.

But, the reality it might express …

It is the only reality.

That the many qualities of love are more real
than I am?


There is No Way to Spirituality; It is The Way

Our simple seeker was meditating on the spiritual concept
of “The Way”. She had always, it seems, found the term

What’s the problem with it?

“The way to go” can refer to a direction.

It is a direction.

But, it can also refer to how to live; as in a power
tripper insisting it be her way.

Or his?

I didn’t want you to consider it as personal.

It is personal.

I could have also meant power-trippers in general.

Also suggests the personal was included.

Okay. Yes, but you do sometimes …

Only sometimes?

I’m learning a new way of coping with your way?


Yes. Exactly. Your way, as how you would or do
whatever; your style.

And the results?

It makes it so much less of a struggle; so much
less stressful.

In what way?

Even individual children develop their own way,
their own style, of learning.

And my way is just my style?

Not just …

Yes. We each are unique in some way and we can
only be who we are and learn and do whatever,
our way.

Then, the way to enlightenment can only be
an individual way?

Yes and no.

Please explain.

Learning math, or any other academic subject,
or in developing any skill, requires accepting
general rules or guidelines. But, within
these rules there is infinite flexibility.

Is developing a spiritual life a skill?


Is it a way to enlightenment?


Then, what

It is The Way.

How to Resolve Conflicting Needs

Our simple seeker was meditating on, or was she
just thinking about, her next year’s garden.

Why not just call it planning?

Planning has to develop out of …

Out of what?

Awareness of what is, and what it is that is
pleasing about what is, and what is not, and,
given the limits of a small garden area, what
might be even more pleasing than was pleasing
this past season.

Also, there is a yearly chore of restricting
the space that existing plants can expand

And attacking those who have spread beyond
their allotted area?

Attacking sounds violent.

Is there a gentle way to cut them back?

I have tried restricting their spread
by placing patio stones between them, but …

Their roots find a way to reach under and ..

Yes. Then I cut them back. But it doesn’t

What does?

Digging up the whole clump and subdividing it.

Then, what?

One third gets to return to the original area
and the rest goes to a new home or the compost.

Do all of your plants get the same treatment?

No. There are some too dear to me to risk disturbing.

How to deal with the invasive nature of their roots?

Their individual root systems spread at differing depths
beneath the surface of the soil But, they, too must be
cutback when they threaten more fragile plants. But, if
they can work it out together I try to provide enough
water, nutrients, compost and loam to keep them all
happy. Also, gentle hoeing discourages wandering roots.

How would such a system of control work in keeping
the peace between groups of people?

What do you mean?

Does your garden’s collection of competing needs
remind you of human society?

In a way, yes. We each have personal needs
and desires, and so does everyone else.


So, how to resolve such a situation of competition
for limited resources?

Self-control, co-operation, and mutual respect.

And, if that doesn’t work.

Then, the law of the jungle will.

Survival of the fittest and those who adapt?


Instinct and Intuition as Yin and Yang

Our simple seeker was meditating on The Ace of Swords,
the Tarot card she had randomly selected to direct
her focus on relationship issues of today.

The Ace of Swords represents the full range of
intellectual capacities and potentials.

Then, simple common sense would be a form of, or
a prerequisite to higher levels of intellectual

What would connect them to each other?

Perhaps different levels of awareness.

Are they related as you and I are?

If common sense is a prerequisite of intelligence …

And it both is and is not.

How is that possible?

What is common sense?

An instinctive or intuitive knowing.

Are they the same?


Instinct and intuition.

Is one more primitive?


More basic in that it developed prior
to the other.

As in emotion and intellect?

Instinct and intuition may be more closely
connected to each other.

In what way?

Perhaps intuition develops into instinct?

As in transcending?


Would instinct then dissolve?



Transcending doesn’t involve exchanging
one for the other.

Could they operate or function separately?


Instinct and intuition.


Then there is no transcendence from one
to the other?

Perhaps transcendence still plays a part
in the game.

What role? What game?

Perhaps as intuition develops …

It never develops. It transcends into awareness.

Then, perhaps instinct is more emotional
and intuition is more intellectual, as in
Yin and Yang?


Could common sense be a blend of instinct
and intuition.



Now, where does awareness fit into this picture?

I am becoming more aware of the interrelationship
between emotion and intellect.


Do they develop separately?

Is that possible?

They each need the other in order to develop
in a healthy way?


I think I’m over my head.


Awareness of Personal Power Requires Meditation

Our simple seeker had randomly chosen and was now studying
her daily personal relationship card, The King of Wands.
This authority figure presented as having a firm grip on power.

Is it possible?

Is what possible?

To possess a firm grip on authority?

He seems ready to do battle to maintain it, and beneath his
royal robes he wears a body suit of armour.

Then he rules with an iron grip?

Wands are wood, but he does seem prepared, and yet ..

And yet?

Something in his posture and facial expression suggests
a willingness to listen to reason.

Does he remind you of me?

Not at all.


Wands express action.

And teachers do not?

Not in a physical sense.

Intellectual development has physical results.


Everything you do, say, or think is an expression of
intellectual development.


Does that mean you agree?


Then what?

It means that I’m impressed with your self-confidence.

Yes, but do you disagree?


Why not?

Self-directed actions must be based on thoughts,
blended with emotions, and our thoughts are influenced
by those whom we have chosen, or who have been chosen
for us, to develop and guide our thinking.

Do I guide your thinking.

Yes, you certainly have had a powerful effect on my

In what way?

You have continuously, or so it seems, challenged me
to defend or question my own thinking.

And the effects of earlier teachers and social
conditioning on your thinking?


Now, back to the King of Action.

What about him?

I’ll ask you again: Do teachers possess power
to influence their students’ actions; what they
say and do?

Yes, both now and in the future. I now understand
the power of what we know, or think we know.

Yes, that we have learned from whomever we allowed
to teach us whatever.

Free will?


Personal responsibility?

Yes, that too.

What about emotions.

What about them?

Have I taught you any?

How can anyone learn or teach emotions?

Nothing we can say, think, or do is, or can be

How can we learn to recognize which emotion is
embedded in what particular thought, word or


How to develop self-awareness?

Self-reflection and meditation in some form.

How does self-awareness relate to the symbolic
form of The King of Action.

His seeming sense of power is a reflection of
his self-awareness. He is aware of his own
personal strengths, his personal power.
Are you, of yours?



Compassion Has a History of Passionate Concern

Our simple seeker was practicing slow and deep breathing,
to calm her overly charged emotions, after reading
a passionate post of a patriotic soul concerning
her homeland, or, at least, the land of her birth.

The young journalist (or did it require youth to care
so deeply?) was obviously very agitated by what had happened,
was happening now, and what might yet happen; all of it
seemingly beyond her power to control.

How did her energy affect your own in such a way?

I don’t know how that was possible. Perhaps we’re kindred spirits.

Yes. We each resonate at a frequency that magnetically attracts
and connects with others resonating with the same or similar

Through a computer?


Then, how?

Thoughts have power to resonate whether written, spoken, or
reflected upon in one’s own mind.

Then, the computer …

Or a book …

I’m not going there.


You have hinted at a book for the past ten thousand years
or more. I don’t care any more.


I allowed myself to get too personally involved in
the prospect.


What does that mean?

It is the same with the young journalist who has become
a deeply distressed witness to a human tragedy.

Expanded awareness would allow her to transform her
agitated emotions to empathy?

And then to compassion.

Yes, and you are right, again.

In what way.

In that she seems to see her world too close-up
to allow for expanded awareness.

Would she care less for current events if she
could distance herself from them?

No. She would still know that she was helpless
to change what is.

What can she change?

I’m not sure.

We can each change how we choose to respond
to whatever situation.

Would she have expressed less care if she had
not shared her experience, her story?


Unique Individuals are not Unique in Their Needs

Our simple seeker was discouraged.
She had done all she could to learn
the lessons of life that her Spirit
Teacher seemed intent on instilling
into her mind.

That’s it. My mind is full and I
don’t want to learn any more.

Any more of what?

Any more of anything. I need time out.

That’s something.

What’s something.

Knowing that you have a specific need
is a beginning.

A beginning of what?


Awareness of what?

Awareness of human needs.

I thought we were discussing
my needs.

Are you human?

So, all humans may need time out?

Time out from what?

From whatever they need time out


And that’s it?

Should there be more?

What am I supposed to learn from
this discussion?

That you are not that unique
in your needs.

Does that mean I’ll get time out?


No Such Thing as Just a Dream

Our simple seeker was half asleep when Spirit
began to lecture to her on Freud’s concept of

Perhaps he didn’t think to use the term of
outer personality.

Ego as personality? That makes sense.

Actually it develops around our essence,
or soul, if you will, and it’s unique

She tried to focus with her weary mind
on what he was saying, and at the same time
wondered why He would choose such a moment.

Perhaps so your resistance to new ideas …

I don’t resist new ideas, at least not
just for the sake of resisting them.

Then why are you resisting the concept of
an inner or original personality and a mask
or protective energy that interacts between
the inner personality and the outer

Like a coat?

A living coat.

I don’t understand.


Why we would need an outer personality
to protect our essence when surely
our physical body does that.

The physical body is a structure,
even though it is a living one.

Okay, so we have two personalities

Of course, we may have several.

I’m trying to accept two.

Okay. For now, think two.

Inner and outer?

Inner and outer.

The outer is directed by the inner?


They take turns?

Not by design.

Then how?

The inner develops an interface …

As an aura?


And the aura serves to provide
a sort of protection …

Go on.

I can’t think. I’m tired.

So, You’re not interested in learning
about the function of the outer
personality as it develops into ego,
and forgets, or denies that it’s role
is to …

You’re losing me.

That’s not possible.

Is this just a dream?

There is no such thing as just a dream.

or protection