Relationship Is All There Is

A simple seeker was meditating on the concept
of resisting what seemed to be …


To protect myself from attachment


By accepting that any pleasure or possession
is no more than a temporary experience.

Some might cling all the more, to enjoy
what they do while they can.

So, acceptance is not enough?

Enough what?

We need more than awareness?

To what?

To resolve the problem.

What problem?

The problem of how to let go.

Or what?

Of whatever seems to need to be let go of.

A two-way street?

Yes, and yet more.

Yes, a pressure gradient.

Please explain.

Whatever or whomever we cling to is also
clinging to us.


Everything and everyone is energy, in relationship
with everything and everyone else.

So, it is the relationships and not the temporary
forms that need to be released from each other.


Then, what?

Everything and everyone relates to everything
and everyone else.

Then, how to let go of a relationship?

We cannot.

What can we do?

We can, with practice, learn to accept
the existence of relationship and its power,
and its immunity to our will; individual or

To focus on the relationship and not the who
or what?


And then what?

To meditate from as detached a mental perspective
as we can while remaining calm and non-judgmental
of ourselves or whatever relationship we seek
to understand.

Can we learn to understand the why and how of


And then they dissolve?


What does happen as a result of our understanding?


And then?

Tensions relax

Without detachment?

Detachment to what?

Whatever or whomever we were attached to.

We never were attached to anyone or anything.

Other than relationship itself?


How are we attached to relationship?

We are relationship.



Alone if Necessary

A simple seeker was meditating on the concept
of serving a sacred cause, alone, if necessary,
but not necessarily alone.

What cause?

I don’t know.

Then, how can you even think about, let alone
feel self-satisfied, as you seem to, at the
prospect of serving an unknown cause.

I don’t know, but I do.

So, all that is missing is the cause?

The cause? Not a cause?

Could it be any cause?


Then, that narrows the field, somewhat.

You’re mocking me.


But, I do seem to need to do something
with my life.

You have.

What have I done?

You have lived.

But, so has everyone else.

Yes, but with a difference.

And the difference is?

Everyone lives his or her own life.

And I have lived mine?


But, that relates to the past.

Are you not living now?

in the present?

Where else can you live, now?

I want to do something in the future
that I have not done in the past or now.


I don’t know.

Will you know in the future?

Yes, of course.
But I want to plan to do something.

How you will do whatever you’ll do?

How can I know how to do what, when
I don’t know what to do?

How have you done what you did in the past,
and are now doing in the present?

I did what I seemed to need to do,
as well as I could.

We can never do more.

A Map is a Guideline; not a Guide

A simple seeker was meditating on the concept of
intention while attempting to connect and merge
individual human energies with those expressed
on the Kabbalah Tree of Life.

And also, necessarily, on the Ladder of Light.

To be on one Tree …

Not on, but within.

We’re moving beyond form?

We always were beyond form.

Then, what purpose does form serve?

As a map.

Where does intention fit on the map?

Intention is not on the map.

But, if the map is a guide …

A guideline; not a guide.

But, the structure of the map,..

Or Tree, or Ladder?

Yes. Don’t they point a way to travel?


Then, what purpose do they serve?

They represent possibilities.

Potential possibilities from which to choose?

Choose what?

The Path or Way we want to travel, from among
the various possibilities represented on the map?

Yes. We choose the Way we plan to travel.

As we go?


Along our Way.

Which way is our Way?

The way we have chosen to travel.

A pre-determined Way?

Can it be considered to be predetermined
if I am only choosing the next step?


How is that possible?

It is the only way.

How can that be if I see the destination
I wish to reach?

Wishing is not moving.

Then, choosing …

Yes. If we consciously choose the destination
we intend to reach, if we can, then a map
can provide us with a guideline.

But, intention is our guide along the Way?


Differentiation vs Separation

A simple seeker was meditating on the concept of
separation vs differentiation.

What seems to be the problem?

Seems to be, or is?

Seems to be, in the minds of some.

In the minds of some?


But not in all?

Not in all.

But, if all minds are individual aspects of
the one …

And they are.

Then, …

Go on.

How could they be separate?

They cannot.

How is this possible?

Different meals can be prepared from
the same ingredients. Apples are apples,
whether served in a pie or as a sauce.

Or a drink?


But, different minds have varying degrees
of potential.

Not all apples are the same.

So, differentiation could refer to various
specific types of apples.

Or minds.

How can a mind be a type?

We each possess potentials that some others
may or may not possess.

So, a mind is a mind whatever its capacity
or style of learning?

Style of learning?


Exactly. We each learn in our own way.

But, we each learn.


Then, our individual learning style does not
in itself necessarily separate us from others
who learn at their own pace, in their own way?

Yes. We may be in some respects different
in our habits, but we each develop habits.

So, different individual or even group habits
or social customs do not necessarily separate
these individuals or groups from each other.

Yes. We each and all share more similarities
than differences.