Kabbalah, Taoism, and Education

A spirit teacher shares His understanding of timeless wisdom
with me. Why? I don’t know, but I’m very grateful that He does.
I’ve always enjoyed studying but I’ve usually chosen my own
time to do it. Now it seems to begin and end with Spirit.

What do Kabbalah and Taoism have in common with today’s
education system?

A transmission of knowledge.

Knowledge of what?

Wow? You expect me to explain that?

Yes, and explain it simply and clearly.



Well, the Kabbalah Tree of Life represents seeking ever higher
levels of integration and transformation of an individual’s
intellectual, emotional, and spiritual development.

A basic understanding. Now, Taoism.

Lao Tzu explained the core structure of all life as Tao,
The One that divides itself into two and then the two
together create the three, and from the three come the
ten thousand things, meaning everything else.

How are these two systems of thought similar, and how

Wow! You didn’t prepare me for this.

I prepared you very well, all things considered. Carry on.

Wow! Taoism encourages simplification of one’s lifestyle,
as if moving from clutter to a sense of oneness with Life.

And Kabbalah?

From my very limited understanding, the symbolic message is
one of awareness of the Absolute that is boundless, and of
our capacity and destiny to seek to develop and express ever higher levels of thought, emotion, wisdom, understanding, and
creativity, as a reflection of the qualities of God.

Acceptable, for now. And, finally, how are children being
educated today.




We’re All In This Together

Our simple seeker was meditating on her Spirit teacher’s explanation
Of their relationship. He didn’t need physical existence or human form,
He told her.


I use you as ballast, to connect to your particular world of illusion.

If my world is one of illusion and I can, reluctantly accept that it is,for it often seems to be, then others, or at least some others
must also be living in a personal world of illusion.

Yes. The soundless answer moved into her mind as her inkless
communicating pen moved as His energy, not hers, directed it,
in unison across the page. We each seem to intuitively know that
our so-called individual world is intricately connected to everyone
else’s world, even though surface appearances deny this reality.

Only on the surface do our individual worlds of illusion appear
to be separate. Beneath this illusion there is a common root
that holds us together, that connects us inextricably together,
as one.

The Power of One

A simple seeker was meditating on “The Power of One”
as a spiritual directive.

What does the power of one mean?

To me?

Yes, unless you can tell me what it might mean
to anyone else.

The powerful potential of sharing ideas
with even one other person who might be
inspired to share his or her understanding
of the ideas someone shared with him or her.

Yes. Nature works in such a way.


Plants mature alone but then each spreads
seeds that may or may not develop roots,
and if they do then they too, with help
from other forms of nature, spread seeds

A potentially endless expression
of thought.

Or emotion.

Can emotions work as thoughts?

In their potential to affect others; yes.

Then, how we each live …

Go on.

It matters.