Non-Local Consciousness

A simple seeker was meditating on the concept of
non-local consciousness.

But, I’m conscious and I’m also local. I’m here.

How conscious are you? How local are you? And,
where is here?

Are you trying to confuse me?

No. You do that very well for and to yourself.

So, then, what does non-local consciousness

It simply means that consciousness is local,
but not necessarily exclusively so.

As in cosmic consciousness?

That’s the non-local aspect of it.

And my portion is …

You don’t have an exclusive portion.

But, I’m conscious.

Yes, at least to some extent.

Then, do I have a limited capacity
to be conscious?

Of what?

Of being conscious.

Again, of what?

Of whatever I’m conscious of.

To what extent?

Haven’t we been there before?


Okay, please explain what non-local
consciousness is.

Consciousness that’s non-local.

As in unlimited awareness?


And my awareness is …


I can accept that, but I intend to
become less limited.




Does it matter?

For this purpose, no.

For what purpose would it matter?

Local and non-local are as specific
and general.

And general can be as expanded …


Then to study a specific subject would
expand my awareness of that subject or way?


To enlightenment.


The Fingerprint of Personal Energy

A simple seeker was meditating on the concept of
individuals possessing an individual frequency
of energy

Not frequency as singular, unless …

Unless what?

Unless there is no variation in our individual
thought processes.

Is that possible?


Then, our thoughts harmonize?

Or they do not.

Is it possible for them to harmonize?


Is it desirable?


Then, awareness …


How to become aware?

Of what?

Of the degree to which our individual thoughts …

And emotions?


It isn’t a matter of becoming aware of our
thoughts and emotions, but rather of to what
degree they harmonize with each other.

And the degree to which our personal thoughts
and emotions harmonize with each other at any
particular time and in whatever particular
situation determines the strength and quality
of our individual vibrations and frequency of?



Why, chela, does that understanding seem to
distress you?

Couldn’t some mad military scientist use that
information to create a means to identify
different energy types?

For what purpose?

To fingerprint and control, or destroy?


Beauty and Evil

A simple seeker was meditating on something
that St. Augustine was supposed to have said,
that all evil has a reason.

You seem to have difficulty accepting
that reality, chela.

Reason sounds so overly deliberate
and intentional.

Is there a difference?

Intention sounds predetermined.

And deliberate?

Perhaps in the heat of the moment?

As a reaction rather than as a response?


And intentional as …?

Either way it would then have to have had
a pre-existing cause?


But, a cause is not a justification but
just something that came before.




Please explain.

The number two comes before three in simple
number progression but it does not cause three.

Three is just the next number following two?


What has that to do with evil?



Evil is a consciously intentional and extreme
form of violence.

That explanation seems to separate the evil
from the doer of evil.

One is not the other.

One who bakes is considered to be a baker.

Regardless of the quality of her baking?

Doers of evil are not all the same?

Exactly, and what is seen in the eyes of some
as evil may be considered by others to be
a necessary or expedient means to further an end
that may, or may not in itself be evil.

The means does not necessarily measure the quality
or value of the end result?


What a sad situation.


Spirituality and Ethics

A simple seeker was meditating on the connection
between spirituality and ethics.

How is one connected to the other?

Perhaps they each are co-dependent.

Neither can be unless they both are.



What about spirituality and ethics?

What about them?

Is it possible for them to be co-dependent
or does one require the other without
the other requiring the …?

One doesn’t require dependency. It is
a weakness.

But there surely must be a relationship
between spirituality and ethics.

In what sense?

In that anyone seeking enlightenment
must first have both a sense of
spirituality and ethics.

A generally accepted sense or
a personal one?

Perhaps it must necessarily be a personal
understanding and devotion to both
spirituality and ethics.


So, how does anyone develop an awareness
of the union between spirituality
and ethics?

A generalized understanding or a personal
intention to be both spiritual and ethical?

Can one become one with one and not
with the other?