A Map is a Guideline; not a Guide

A simple seeker was meditating on the concept of
intention while attempting to connect and merge
individual human energies with those expressed
on the Kabbalah Tree of Life.

And also, necessarily, on the Ladder of Light.

To be on one Tree …

Not on, but within.

We’re moving beyond form?

We always were beyond form.

Then, what purpose does form serve?

As a map.

Where does intention fit on the map?

Intention is not on the map.

But, if the map is a guide …

A guideline; not a guide.

But, the structure of the map,..

Or Tree, or Ladder?

Yes. Don’t they point a way to travel?


Then, what purpose do they serve?

They represent possibilities.

Potential possibilities from which to choose?

Choose what?

The Path or Way we want to travel, from among
the various possibilities represented on the map?

Yes. We choose the Way we plan to travel.

As we go?


Along our Way.

Which way is our Way?

The way we have chosen to travel.

A pre-determined Way?

Can it be considered to be predetermined
if I am only choosing the next step?


How is that possible?

It is the only way.

How can that be if I see the destination
I wish to reach?

Wishing is not moving.

Then, choosing …

Yes. If we consciously choose the destination
we intend to reach, if we can, then a map
can provide us with a guideline.

But, intention is our guide along the Way?



There is No Way to Spirituality; It is The Way

Our simple seeker was meditating on the spiritual concept
of “The Way”. She had always, it seems, found the term

What’s the problem with it?

“The way to go” can refer to a direction.

It is a direction.

But, it can also refer to how to live; as in a power
tripper insisting it be her way.

Or his?

I didn’t want you to consider it as personal.

It is personal.

I could have also meant power-trippers in general.

Also suggests the personal was included.

Okay. Yes, but you do sometimes …

Only sometimes?

I’m learning a new way of coping with your way?


Yes. Exactly. Your way, as how you would or do
whatever; your style.

And the results?

It makes it so much less of a struggle; so much
less stressful.

In what way?

Even individual children develop their own way,
their own style, of learning.

And my way is just my style?

Not just …

Yes. We each are unique in some way and we can
only be who we are and learn and do whatever,
our way.

Then, the way to enlightenment can only be
an individual way?

Yes and no.

Please explain.

Learning math, or any other academic subject,
or in developing any skill, requires accepting
general rules or guidelines. But, within
these rules there is infinite flexibility.

Is developing a spiritual life a skill?


Is it a way to enlightenment?


Then, what

It is The Way.