Choosing Integrity is Risky

A simple seeker was meditating on the concept
of wisdom.

Wisdom is much more than a concept.

How can anything be more than a concept?

How could anything be less?

Then, what is wisdom, beyond being a concept.

A concept of what?

A high level of understanding.

Understanding of what?


Whatever is a generalization of everything.

Then, of life?

Whose life, or what life?

Wisdom as a concept of life in general.

Wisdom is wisdom and life is life.

Yes, but I want to understand what life is.

How would wisdom help you do that?

I don’t know.

Perhaps you know more than you are willing
to accept knowing.

Why would I resist accepting knowing?

For fear of the consequences of knowing

What consequences can knowledge have?

Personal responsibility.

For what?

For how you choose to respond to awareness.

We were discussing knowledge.

True knowledge is awareness.

And awareness is knowing?


Then, how to respond?

To what?


With integrity.

It could be risky.


Emptiness is Never Empty

A simple seeker was meditating on
the concept of emptiness.

What would it look like?

It wouldn’t look like anything.

What do you think emptiness means
to a spiritual seeker such as

Without form.

What is without form?


What potential?

Any and all.

Where does this emptiness
that is potential exist?

Perhaps wherever there is no form.

Where is there no form?

You’re leading me somewhere.

Where might I be leading you?

To asking you to explain
what it’s all about?


Please explain.


What emptiness is and where it is
and what it might look like
it I could recognize it.

Emptiness and nothingness are
never empty or nothing. They are
potential, as is everything and
everyone that is neither emptiness
nor nothingness

Then we each have a never-ending

To what?

To be and do.

To be and do what?

To become.


More aware.

Of what?

Of a slippery slope of inquiry?

Yes. if I

As Above – So Below as a Law of Life

A simple seeker was meditating on the concept of
As Above – So Below and how it might express
itself in human society.

Is there a human society?

Perhaps the sum total of all human communities
could be considered as an all-inclusive society.

Would the same principle…

Is it a principle?

It is more than a principle. It is a law of life.

How many laws of life are there?

There is no limit to their number.

Is there a hierarchy withing the society
of their rules of order?

Are they rules of order?

Are they?


Then …

As above, so below.

A common bond?

What is the common bond?

Everyone possesses the same emotional and
intellectual attributes in various degrees.

Then why is there or seems to be
an above and a below?

And a somewhere in-between?


It is necessarily so.


Birds of a feather flock together.

Sparrows and crows don’t associate with
each other?

Exactly. They each form their separate societies
or communities, but are at the same time, birds.

The same species of life?


Then, what about the human species?

What about it?

Language groups?

Yes, and separate cultures or communities
develop within each language group.

Is it possible to integrate all language groups
and their separate cultures into one?

Why would you want to? And, how would you do it
without eliminating individual cultures?

Then co-existence is the solution?

To what?

Co-existence is its own solution?

How to co-exist with others who are, or seem to be
superior or lesser to us, in some respects?

Between groups or within groups&?

The same principle would apply?

The same laws of life apply.

Those above know they are above, and those
at the bottom …