There’s No Going Back

A simple seeker was meditating on the powerful symbolism
of the Tree of Life. It suddenly seemed to almost overpower
her with a feeling of intense devotion, when respect and
reverence were her usual spiritual limits.

Had they been self-imposed limits?

How could that possibly be?


To losing control?


That’s possible, but, if it was then it would have been …

And still is?

But, it surely makes good sense to have at least a small
reservoir, or supply of …

Defensive mechanisms?

They do have survival value.

How can you explore the complexity of quality and intensity
of thoughts and emotions, and the ever-developing inter-
dependence between them, armed with …

Protection from them?

Not protection; distance.

How do they differ?

I explained that to you long ago. Once you begin to open
your mind, there’s no way you can close it.

Choosing Doesn’t Create Value

A simple seeker of enlightenment was meditating
on the Tarot Eight of cups, comparing different
interpretations. But, the emotional results were
always the same; a sense of excitement and distress
at one and the same time, or of one mood rapidly
Replacing the other in her mind. Why?

Are you asking me?

No. I was thinking to myself, but according to some,
it’s the same thing.

Is it?

No. I would know.

What does it mean to know?

I would have experience and I would have learned
from it.

Perhaps you have.

Regarding choosing change rather than it choosing me?


But, I never choose lightly.

The choice would have no value if you did.

But, does choosing necessarily create value?

That depends.

On what?

On how much is at stake in the choice.

How can we know for sure?

There is no knowing for sure.

But, the choice must still be made?

The choice has been made, in your mind, whether
you dare to act on it or not.


What does that mean?

You know it means that I accept that you’re
right, again.

Will that knowing determine your choice?



A Simple Seeker Connects

A simple but sincere seeker of a higher level of
personal spiritual development somehow came under
the influence of a spirit guru whose understanding
of life seemed to be …

What do you mean by “seemed to be”?

Perhaps I don’t yet know what the limits of my own
understanding of life really are.

How is it possible not to know your own limits?

Perhaps I’ve been socially conditioned to accept less
of myself and my capacity for thought than possibly

Why would that have happened?

Not necessarily through the failure of anyone’s intent
to teach me, unless …

Unless what?

Parents and early educators usually seek to serve the best
interests of the community when teaching children what
to think and how to relate to their world.

Wouldn’t it be in the best interests of the community
for children to be taught as much about life as they
could understand?

Perhaps the natural or conditioned limits of understanding
of parents and early educators in itself restricts what they
can pass on to the younger generation in their care.

Yes, but there is always conscious intent to limit awareness
in the minds of children.

If so, that intentional limitation could have survival value.

For whom, or what, how, and why?

Perhaps it is as food.

In what way?

We feed babies on very soft foods that they can easily
digest and only gradually introduce food that requires
a more developed digestive system.

What has that to do with intentionally limiting a child’s
mental development?

Teachers and parents can only teach what they know …

Or what they believe is safe for the children to know?

How can children be endangered by knowledge?

Perhaps not the children themselves.

Then, whom or what?

Every society that exists can only maintain its present
way of life by gently, or otherwise, enforcing rules
on everyone within that society, including children.

But, societies evolve and transcend over time, as
new ideas and new ways of living become available.

Yes, but as eager as young people, and some others
may be to adapt and change, there is always repression
of adaptation and change by those who might lose
their positions of power within society.

That could be a healthy condition.

How so.

Survival needs of individual societies might depend
upon at least some control by leaders, teachers,
and parents, of the degree and type of change that
seems to be happening.

Yes. There are always reasons for suppression.

Is it necessarily suppression?

What else?

Suppression sounds so deliberate and intentional.

It is.

Could it not just be resistance to change that might
threaten the rules of order of the society in question?

Or the power of those who benefit from the current rules?

That, of course, would always be part of any dynamic
interaction between the past and the desired future.


So, what’s the solution?

To what?

A peaceful transition from what was to what might yet be?

Yes. There is no peaceful way.

Winner takes all?


Parents and early educators serve the best interest

As Above – So Below as a Law of Life

A simple seeker was meditating on the concept of
As Above – So Below and how it might express
itself in human society.

Is there a human society?

Perhaps the sum total of all human communities
could be considered as an all-inclusive society.

Would the same principle…

Is it a principle?

It is more than a principle. It is a law of life.

How many laws of life are there?

There is no limit to their number.

Is there a hierarchy withing the society
of their rules of order?

Are they rules of order?

Are they?


Then …

As above, so below.

A common bond?

What is the common bond?

Everyone possesses the same emotional and
intellectual attributes in various degrees.

Then why is there or seems to be
an above and a below?

And a somewhere in-between?


It is necessarily so.


Birds of a feather flock together.

Sparrows and crows don’t associate with
each other?

Exactly. They each form their separate societies
or communities, but are at the same time, birds.

The same species of life?


Then, what about the human species?

What about it?

Language groups?

Yes, and separate cultures or communities
develop within each language group.

Is it possible to integrate all language groups
and their separate cultures into one?

Why would you want to? And, how would you do it
without eliminating individual cultures?

Then co-existence is the solution?

To what?

Co-existence is its own solution?

How to co-exist with others who are, or seem to be
superior or lesser to us, in some respects?

Between groups or within groups&?

The same principle would apply?

The same laws of life apply.

Those above know they are above, and those
at the bottom …


The Fingerprint of Personal Energy

A simple seeker was meditating on the concept of
individuals possessing an individual frequency
of energy

Not frequency as singular, unless …

Unless what?

Unless there is no variation in our individual
thought processes.

Is that possible?


Then, our thoughts harmonize?

Or they do not.

Is it possible for them to harmonize?


Is it desirable?


Then, awareness …


How to become aware?

Of what?

Of the degree to which our individual thoughts …

And emotions?


It isn’t a matter of becoming aware of our
thoughts and emotions, but rather of to what
degree they harmonize with each other.

And the degree to which our personal thoughts
and emotions harmonize with each other at any
particular time and in whatever particular
situation determines the strength and quality
of our individual vibrations and frequency of?



Why, chela, does that understanding seem to
distress you?

Couldn’t some mad military scientist use that
information to create a means to identify
different energy types?

For what purpose?

To fingerprint and control, or destroy?


Beauty and Evil

A simple seeker was meditating on something
that St. Augustine was supposed to have said,
that all evil has a reason.

You seem to have difficulty accepting
that reality, chela.

Reason sounds so overly deliberate
and intentional.

Is there a difference?

Intention sounds predetermined.

And deliberate?

Perhaps in the heat of the moment?

As a reaction rather than as a response?


And intentional as …?

Either way it would then have to have had
a pre-existing cause?


But, a cause is not a justification but
just something that came before.




Please explain.

The number two comes before three in simple
number progression but it does not cause three.

Three is just the next number following two?


What has that to do with evil?



Evil is a consciously intentional and extreme
form of violence.

That explanation seems to separate the evil
from the doer of evil.

One is not the other.

One who bakes is considered to be a baker.

Regardless of the quality of her baking?

Doers of evil are not all the same?

Exactly, and what is seen in the eyes of some
as evil may be considered by others to be
a necessary or expedient means to further an end
that may, or may not in itself be evil.

The means does not necessarily measure the quality
or value of the end result?


What a sad situation.


Awareness of Personal Power Requires Meditation

Our simple seeker had randomly chosen and was now studying
her daily personal relationship card, The King of Wands.
This authority figure presented as having a firm grip on power.

Is it possible?

Is what possible?

To possess a firm grip on authority?

He seems ready to do battle to maintain it, and beneath his
royal robes he wears a body suit of armour.

Then he rules with an iron grip?

Wands are wood, but he does seem prepared, and yet ..

And yet?

Something in his posture and facial expression suggests
a willingness to listen to reason.

Does he remind you of me?

Not at all.


Wands express action.

And teachers do not?

Not in a physical sense.

Intellectual development has physical results.


Everything you do, say, or think is an expression of
intellectual development.


Does that mean you agree?


Then what?

It means that I’m impressed with your self-confidence.

Yes, but do you disagree?


Why not?

Self-directed actions must be based on thoughts,
blended with emotions, and our thoughts are influenced
by those whom we have chosen, or who have been chosen
for us, to develop and guide our thinking.

Do I guide your thinking.

Yes, you certainly have had a powerful effect on my

In what way?

You have continuously, or so it seems, challenged me
to defend or question my own thinking.

And the effects of earlier teachers and social
conditioning on your thinking?


Now, back to the King of Action.

What about him?

I’ll ask you again: Do teachers possess power
to influence their students’ actions; what they
say and do?

Yes, both now and in the future. I now understand
the power of what we know, or think we know.

Yes, that we have learned from whomever we allowed
to teach us whatever.

Free will?


Personal responsibility?

Yes, that too.

What about emotions.

What about them?

Have I taught you any?

How can anyone learn or teach emotions?

Nothing we can say, think, or do is, or can be

How can we learn to recognize which emotion is
embedded in what particular thought, word or


How to develop self-awareness?

Self-reflection and meditation in some form.

How does self-awareness relate to the symbolic
form of The King of Action.

His seeming sense of power is a reflection of
his self-awareness. He is aware of his own
personal strengths, his personal power.
Are you, of yours?



Compassion Has a History of Passionate Concern

Our simple seeker was practicing slow and deep breathing,
to calm her overly charged emotions, after reading
a passionate post of a patriotic soul concerning
her homeland, or, at least, the land of her birth.

The young journalist (or did it require youth to care
so deeply?) was obviously very agitated by what had happened,
was happening now, and what might yet happen; all of it
seemingly beyond her power to control.

How did her energy affect your own in such a way?

I don’t know how that was possible. Perhaps we’re kindred spirits.

Yes. We each resonate at a frequency that magnetically attracts
and connects with others resonating with the same or similar

Through a computer?


Then, how?

Thoughts have power to resonate whether written, spoken, or
reflected upon in one’s own mind.

Then, the computer …

Or a book …

I’m not going there.


You have hinted at a book for the past ten thousand years
or more. I don’t care any more.


I allowed myself to get too personally involved in
the prospect.


What does that mean?

It is the same with the young journalist who has become
a deeply distressed witness to a human tragedy.

Expanded awareness would allow her to transform her
agitated emotions to empathy?

And then to compassion.

Yes, and you are right, again.

In what way.

In that she seems to see her world too close-up
to allow for expanded awareness.

Would she care less for current events if she
could distance herself from them?

No. She would still know that she was helpless
to change what is.

What can she change?

I’m not sure.

We can each change how we choose to respond
to whatever situation.

Would she have expressed less care if she had
not shared her experience, her story?


To Inspire Us to Think

Our simple seeker had rediscovered Jack Schwartz
somewhere in her personal collection of books
that crowded together in a distressingly
disorganized way, in a bookcase designed
to hold far fewer books than she seemed unable
to let go of.

How did she come to hold it in her hands, now?
It had obviously been cherished by her at
some time in the past, beyond her current
memory. It was full of underlining and
highlighting – her personal signature
statement of interest, though sneered at
by some who claim closeness to her.

If you care for me then accept my ways?

Yes. But, “Human Energy Systems” was still
with her, even though it had been written
more than thirty years ago.

What has that to do with anything?

Of lasting value?


That would depend ..

On what?

Our understanding develops over time.

Not necessarily.

Sudden insight?


Then, as if designed to impress this truth
in the mind of his simple student, her book
opened to “Seeing is not believing”, and
“All the sensory systems of the body
can be misled in one way or another”, and
“In the intuitive domain, however, certainty
often seems to provide factual knowledge”.

A sudden idea or insight can inspire us
to do research on our own, to seek
more information on our subject of interest.

So, there is no conflict between awareness
and formal knowledge?

There is and must be constant conflict
between our personal understanding
of anything and what has been generally
accepted as knowledge.


There could be no advancement in
our understanding if sudden insights
did not come before dedicated study.

To prove the truth of the new concept?

Or to disprove it.


Not how.

Then, why?

To inspire us to think.

Evolutionary Buddhism

Our simple seeker was puzzled with the
seemingly contradictory and mutually
exclusive (from her albeit limited
understanding) terms of evolutionary
Buddhism rolled in together.

What seems to be the problem?

Buddhism and evolution together?

Everything is together.

But, spirituality should be forever.

It is.

But not necessarily as it was
or may yet be?


Then how can anyone …

Which anyone?

This anyone, me. How can I ever understand
something that keeps developing, when it
isn’t what it was and may not be what it is?
I need stability.

There isn’t any.

Then what is there to hold onto?

In what way?

In thinking.

You could try holding onto the concept of
endless change.

That would be easy if I was looking
out of a high window at traffic below.

We are doing just that.