When we are not yet ready

Georgia clasped her head between her hands to clear it from
the overwhelming visions that Spirit seemed to be flooding
her mind with. She needed a cup of warm water, just to hold onto.

The concept of herself and everyone else as being a Kabbalah-like
Tree of Life moving up a limitless Ladder of Light, with ever-
merging trees representing and reflecting the Universal Triad of
Power, Wisdom, and Understand, and these three energy centres
merging together as Love and Compassion reaching down to everyone
reaching up, and everyone was/is reaching up to receive, whether
or not they were/are consciously aware of this pressure gradient type
of two-way energy flow.

Wow! It’s just too much for me to deal with.

Then, don’t.

What does that mean?

We see what we have to see.

No. We have to block out what we are not yet ready to deal with.

Yes, even knowing that someday …

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