Innocence as a Beginning

A simple seeker was lost in thought. What thought? She was meditating
on The Fool, the Tarot’s anti-hero, or so he seems to be, at least as
he begins his journey through Life. He isn’t even given a number, unless
zero can be considered as such.

Like herself, or as she sometimes is, he seems to be full of high hopes
and self-confidence. But, again, as she once was …

How are you any different, now?

I don’t quite fit the picture any more, if I ever did.

In what way?

The Fool, at the beginning of his journey, has no real life experience
and is totally unaware of personal dangers, let alone those that are
waiting for him, somewhere down the line. He’s lost in thought, enjoying
the perfume of the rose in his hand. He doesn’t see the cliff he is
about to step off, into a high altitude. Even his small, four-legged
companion seems unable to warn him. But, perhaps we were all innocent
at some time in our past.

What would it look like?

The Fool, I guess.

Yes, and yet, as the Tarot’s Fool will discover through experience,
innocence is a beginning – the only possible beginning, of our life’s
journey; our mission to discover who and what we each are.

Only a beginning?

Yes, but an important one.

In the sense that we have to start somewhere?

Yes, or something like that.

If The Solution is Trust …

Our simple seeker has returned home. It was time out.
Even Spirit seemed to approve of family time.

She was worried that she might; no, she new she didn’t
have the power or will to totally disconnect from Spirit.
And she knew that He knew it, too.

Another thought seemed to suggest itself; that the very
close relationship – could it be described as intimate?
Whatever …

Spirit closed off her train of thought, as if it had been
as pouring from a kitchen tap. Our simple seeker was,
as always, impressed by Spirit’s power to control, at least
to some extent, her thinking. But, she complained to herself,
my mind is not as a water tank.

What were you thinking about.

I can’t remember, exactly. Yes, now I do, about our

Yes. You were not considering it as of high value.

She was suddenly shaken. Somehow she must have offended
her spirit teacher.

I am neither pleased nor offended. I have long ago outgrown
immature attachments to either false or sincere praise,
or criticism. I know my own value. Do you?

Do I what? Was she stalling for time or confused by what
He was asking her? But, the truth was, and she knew it,
that she really didn’t know either her value or His,

I confess that I did not express the respect I owe you …

Why would you owe me respect?

For all that you have taught me and for choosing to let me
be a part of your mission to share your teaching.

It isn’t my teaching. I share what has been shared with me.
But, concerning your disrespect …

Have i been disrespectful?


Perhaps I don’t know how to show respect to someone I can’t
see. I know it was my idea that you not manifest in human
form but, what if you planted that idea in my head?


You might have planted the suspicion in my mind that I would
wonder why you manifested as you did, if you did.

You were concerned that I would have a motive?


Don’t we all have a motive?

For what?

For everything we choose to do or choose not to do.

Then, what is the solution?


I’m not very good at that.