Innocence as a Beginning

A simple seeker was lost in thought. What thought? She was meditating
on The Fool, the Tarot’s anti-hero, or so he seems to be, at least as
he begins his journey through Life. He isn’t even given a number, unless
zero can be considered as such.

Like herself, or as she sometimes is, he seems to be full of high hopes
and self-confidence. But, again, as she once was …

How are you any different, now?

I don’t quite fit the picture any more, if I ever did.

In what way?

The Fool, at the beginning of his journey, has no real life experience
and is totally unaware of personal dangers, let alone those that are
waiting for him, somewhere down the line. He’s lost in thought, enjoying
the perfume of the rose in his hand. He doesn’t see the cliff he is
about to step off, into a high altitude. Even his small, four-legged
companion seems unable to warn him. But, perhaps we were all innocent
at some time in our past.

What would it look like?

The Fool, I guess.

Yes, and yet, as the Tarot’s Fool will discover through experience,
innocence is a beginning – the only possible beginning, of our life’s
journey; our mission to discover who and what we each are.

Only a beginning?

Yes, but an important one.

In the sense that we have to start somewhere?

Yes, or something like that.

Transparency as a cover-up?

Grass Roots Spiritual Philosophy

A warm and misty afternoon beneath gently moving
foliage. The trees shaded Georgia, or would have,
if there had been direct sunlight shining down. But,
at this time of early afternoon, that would have been
impossible. The sun would be visiting her neighbours
on the South facing side of her apartment building.

That thought distracted her from a message the trees
were sending to her. Their branches and leaves were
anticipating rain and were quivering at the expected
pleasure. Now, moist air, or the hint of moist air,
turned her attention to the sky. She saw what the trees
may not have. The wind had picked up and was blowing
the clouds away, unless more were going to replace them.

Meanwhile, The Path of Tarot, seemed to need to be
reconciled with itself. A Jungian approach to Tarot
suggested the Major Arcana represented a personal path
of individuation.

But, our simple seeker still clung to the concept of
psychic integration and transcendence that The Tree of
Life seemed to explain in a way that appealed to her.

She suddenly sensed Spirit observing her state of

What card would seem to share your present state of mind?

Wow! I’m not an expert, yet.

Would that change the card?

It might.


For now, card Seven, The Chariot, would seem to express
my intent to discover.


What life is about and why.

And, if and when you become an expert…?

It’s not if, but when.

Then, when …?

Card Seventeen, The Star, although I do wish she had
some clothes on her.

Perhaps she wishes to express transparency.

But, to express it so obviously suggests that her
nakedness is a cover-up in reverse; a pretense at
transparency rather than the real thing.


What does that mean?

Could it mean agreement?


What else?

Perhaps a pretense at agreement.