Innocence as a Beginning

A simple seeker was lost in thought. What thought? She was meditating
on The Fool, the Tarot’s anti-hero, or so he seems to be, at least as
he begins his journey through Life. He isn’t even given a number, unless
zero can be considered as such.

Like herself, or as she sometimes is, he seems to be full of high hopes
and self-confidence. But, again, as she once was …

How are you any different, now?

I don’t quite fit the picture any more, if I ever did.

In what way?

The Fool, at the beginning of his journey, has no real life experience
and is totally unaware of personal dangers, let alone those that are
waiting for him, somewhere down the line. He’s lost in thought, enjoying
the perfume of the rose in his hand. He doesn’t see the cliff he is
about to step off, into a high altitude. Even his small, four-legged
companion seems unable to warn him. But, perhaps we were all innocent
at some time in our past.

What would it look like?

The Fool, I guess.

Yes, and yet, as the Tarot’s Fool will discover through experience,
innocence is a beginning – the only possible beginning, of our life’s
journey; our mission to discover who and what we each are.

Only a beginning?

Yes, but an important one.

In the sense that we have to start somewhere?

Yes, or something like that.

5 thoughts on “Innocence as a Beginning

  1. I’ve encountered the Fool over and over again in life. It’s like the proverbial onion with all archetypal energies, at least that’s been my experience of it. Layers upon layers. I just keep on a-peelin’! 😉

    • Thank you, Bela, Perhaps the Fool is one of our basic archetype companions. Why didn’t Carl Jung or Carolyn Myss include him (or her). And, perhaps we each must be willing to be considered to be a fool, at times, by some who focus only on form, while excluding or glossing over essence. Somehow I have learned to respect both The Fool and The Child within my psyche. They are each part of who I am. Could they be related? In so many ways, I never did seem to “grow up”. I wonder that Spirit even bothers with me. Perhaps I serve Him as the six year old child one is supposed to be able to explain deep mysteries to, to prove that He understands them Himself?

      • Thanks for your comments, Jean. I think we are all God in the process of growing and informing Itself. You are as much a part of that Grand Experiment as any other being on earth. Of course Spirit bothers! ❤

        I majored in Jungian psych, and studied Myss' archetypes as well in Sacred Contracts. And post-Jungians loved interpreting the Parcifal myth, which yes, indeed is the Fool. Robert Johnson wrote about this in The Fisher King and the Handless Maiden – it was the Fool who saved the kingdom, in the end of the first tale. Clarissa Pinkola Estes retells that same myth in Women Who Run with the Wolves. Great stuff.

        Aloha, Jean! And thanks again for taking time to share your thoughts.

  2. Dear Bela, Thank you for daring to risk your own intellectual credibility to take an interest in a simple seeker’s sharing of her (my) one-to-one dialogues with Spirit (He declines to be named). I envy your academic background. I didn’t get into university until I was 55, and into a new way of living; alone, or more-or-less alone. I had accumulated 100 transfer credits (how?) through evening studies as children grew up around me. Perhaps motherhood was meant to be a prerequisite for wherever I was meant to be (if indeed we are meant to go anywhere). I’ve just woken from a fantasy of being a flower in bud, stressful because the outside world didn’t seem to want me to be able to express my beauty (or whatever). Then I understood that we need to push against our own limits (the protective casing of our bud). Even then, of course, outside forces or interests will affect the success of our efforts, intentionally or otherwise. It’s the quality of the relationship between inner and outer energies (I almost put ‘vibrating energies’ but all energy vibrates, so I’m told. We each are only partially responsible for outcome while we each are solely responsible for out personal contribution to that outcome. Life can get so complicated.
    You’re excused from accepting my experience of a relationship with an unformed (but definitely not uninformed) person. I would have a genuine problem believing you, if our roles were switched. And, who knows; perhaps in some future lifetime they will be. Enjoy Hawaii.

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