Learning is a Form of Awareness

Our simple seeker was studying with intent to learn more
about Neo-Confucianism.

How does it differ from reading?

Learning, or seeking to learn, something.


Yes, and expecting to learn. I am learning
and I am aware that I have learned
something of value, to me, if to no other.

In such a short time?

Yes and no.

Isn’t that my line?

If it fits.

Yes. If what we are studying now is built
upon a solid foundation of earlier studies
then we can absorb our new learning
into an expanding and deeper understanding
of earlier studies.

Formal educations is, or should be,
built on these same principles.



One step at a time?

It doesn’t work that way.

How then does it work?

Expanding, integrating, and transcending.
How did the concept of transcending
come into your study of Confucianism?


Would Confucius be impressed?

He might be horrified.

Perhaps not.

Why do you say that? Do you have inside

Yes. The trinity that you imagined
(I had visualized an I Ching trinity,
or triad) involving the Supreme Ultimate
as a force that produced Yin and Yang
may well have developed from your
understanding of the Kabbalah Tree of
Life and its supreme triad of energies.

Isn’t it curious and interesting how
it all comes together?



It can come together if we continue
to open to new ideas without letting
go of what we have learned in the past.

Perhaps, all along the way we need to
be aware that what we are now learning
may itself become a foundation for
future learning.

Would you want to reach an end?

Is there an end?

No. Awareness is knowing there is
no end or boundary to awareness, and
in the end, learning is a form of

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