Are Bad Guys Necessary?

Our simple seeker was recalling a confusing dream
of being lost in traffic and intensive construction
on her way to Church to celebrate a festival of

She could hear the service begin. A loudspeaker
was being used, and yet it didn’t seem to cause
her to wonder why, even though it had never
been part of any previous experience.

Perhaps, during a dream, we are unaware of
any previous experience.

Then why was I aware of where I was trying
to go, to a church that I once attended?

Yes. There is always a blend of the reality
we are familiar with and that we are not.

Anyway, I was lost.

Where you alone?

No. I was lost, together with a friend.
But, I was not totally lost. I was aware
of being close to our destination.

But something was different with the

Yes. Traffic was incredibly intensive,
as was the density of new buildings
under construction all about.

What happened next?

I was almost hit by an expensive-
looking car attempting to make a
left turn at an intersection, in
it’s chase of another car that had
now sped away. I must have crossed
the street before the car shrieked
to a stop, close to me.

What did it mean?

What did what mean?

My dream.

What makes you think it meant anything?

I know it meant something.


I experienced it.

What did you experience.

The possibly bad guys were very polite.

Would they have been polite to whomever
they were chasing?

No. He’d be dead.

But, you were impressed with their
behaviour toward you?

Yes. They were very well-mannered
and seemed sincere.

And yet they might be killers?

Perhaps whomever they were hunting
was the bad guy.

Are bad guys necessary?

It’s easier to think of conflicting
sides as having opposite values.


One thought on “Are Bad Guys Necessary?

  1. Reblogged this on jeanw5 and commented:

    Spirit’s final “yes” is not meant to suggest approval of my simple, final thought. It’s his way of gently expressing a critical attitude toward my overly-simplified thought processes.

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