Wanting changes nothing

Our simple seeker had slipped into one of her moods of hopelessness of ever being able to understand all that her spirit teacher shared with her.

What is the problem, now?

You didn’t refer to my problem.

Any problem is a problem. It belongs to itself, alone, and not to any individual.

That may be so but it doesn’t make sense in this instance.

It makes sense in every instance. There is a reason.

How can there be a reason for me to experience such a depth of awareness
at feeling a sense of oneness with all, and then, almost immediately,
a complete separation from everyone.

And everything?

And everything. Just as I’m able to claim it all as a part of me, it’s all torn, or
tears itself away from me. It’s not fair.

Go on.

And, you must have know the struggle would bring me pain.

Sometimes pain serves us well.

But it hurts beyond hurt.

That’s Life.

But, I don’t want it to be like that.

Wanting changes nothing.


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