The Tree of Life grows

Our simple seeker was feeling pleased with herself,
maybe even a bit smug about the expansion of her
understanding, with Spirit’s help, of course.

A new development was taking shape, even if still
in a fuzzy condition, in her study of the Kabbalah
and the relationship between The Tree of Life and
The Ladder of Light.

Georgia had struggled with how to visualize the ten
unique energy systems of The Tree evolving,
transforming, or transcending into The Four Worlds
and thirty two stages of The Ladder of Light. But,
the conceptualization was coming together, if only
she could hold onto it.

Wow! she thought, as she envisioned her years of
seemingly endless wavering of attention between Tarot,
I Ching, and Kabbalah; not to mention several other
wisdom and/or mystery traditions. But, now it was all
coming together.

The four suits of the Tarot represent four elements
of nature; earth, air, wood, and water. These become
pentacles (or discs), swords, wands and cups, to
represent material possessions,intellect, action,
and emotion; all very much a part of life as lived
from day to day.

The very fluid and continuously interactive relationship
between Yin and Yang had not been easy for her to come to
terms with. Traditional and hierarchical interpretations
had always been rejected by her, even in the face of their
being generally accepted. It just didn’t make sense and
seemed offensive to women.

It was a very personal position, on her part. Only
after Spirit helped her to understand
that nothing can be created in nature without accepting
a give and take attitude between energy systems, or
people, whether men, women, or children.

There have to be priorities and levels of leadership.
The yin and yang, unless He is simply appeasing her,
Refer not to specific one-on-one relationships as we
experience in everyday life but in all interactions
between anything or anyone.

Equality and neutrality rarely exist for long, He claims.
This condition would result in an unhealthy condition,
as water that doesn’t flow, or is not refreshed. It
becomes a swamp and unfit to drink.

So, yin and yang interact with each other, each needing
the other to survive, and to co-create a life worth living.
Being a hopeless romantic, our simple seeker bought into
Spirit’s explanation, but not totally. Suspicion of His
possible motives would always, perhaps, haunt her. But,
Now, it all seems to be coming together,

What is all coming together?

My understanding of Kabbalah.

Not in this lifetime.

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